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hi viewers welcome to my channel electronic secret today i will show you a video about how to fix tcl tv black screen this is a tcl tv with the problem of black screen it has some i will press power from the remote as you can see that tv is powering up [Music] [Music] i will show you how to fix this problem leaders sound is coming but there is no display watch my video complete don’t skip any part i will tell you how to fix the problems of live stream guys now i will open the back case of this tcl led tv and show you how to fix the black screen problem but before viewers i will tell you a common thing that almost all tcl tvs are similar in casing nature they have two parts viewers one is covering the main board and power supply area and the other is covering the panel side the case covering the panel side have small mini screws and the case covering the main board and power supply area have normal screws that you can open with the phillips are called as screwdriver and for that panel screws tiny screws you can use a watchmaker set or small mini phillips now

i will open it firstly this back cover of main board and power supply and then i will open the whole led viewers watch my video completely so you can get rid of this black screen problem easily at home without paying to any technician guys i have opened all the back screws of the first part of main board back cover you can see that there are a lot of screws friends i will give you a tip now whenever you open any led tv be aware of screws don’t put it underneath the tv or by sides because if they can if they get under your tv screen they can break your panel so be aware of that now our first part is open i will lift it up and open the next part that is the screen panel part i will lift the cover there should be some connectors of speakers and keypad with the main board so remove them first as i’m removing here your back cover is now free keep it aside now guys the next part is to free the panel from this lvds cable and moving board and open these small tiny screws that our front panel should be lifted easily press these connectors inward and pull it back as you can see that now our lvds cable is free because this is deek on board or scalar pcb it depends upon model it should be different in different models and sizes so our process is same for every led if it has any type of tapes remove the tapes with your fingers here is little tiny locks press them upward you can see that our t-con is now free weavers before opening all the screws and panel

i have a little tip again watch for the main board and power supply area cable carefully see for any bulk capacitors if there are any bulk capacitor then problem may be with your main board or power supply section firstly rectify it and see the power supply going into the back light if the power supply is okay then the problem is with the your back lights now as you can see that all the capacitors in the main board and this backlight inverter section area are okay so probably it will be okay i will go for the next part of the backlight strips because there should be one or two faulty now i will open all the tiny screws and open the panel and let’s see where is the problem this is tiny phillips now i will open all the screws along the four sides again i am giving a tip that keep these screws asides because if any one screw go underneath the panel it will break it there is also a protection for this t-con i have to open this too [Music] guys i have opened all the tiny screws from four sides now i will turn it and open the front side you can see that the t-cone is now free this is the plastic fitting and it will save the panel from front it has also some tiny locks so gently open it you can use any flat screwdriver or any flat thing there are little tiny locks like that now this side is clear i will move on to the next one now

i will open it from the top side gently push and it would be free like that now friend lift this front cover upside you can see that i have lifted it the most difficult part of the whole process is that lifting the screen panel and again fixing it gently lift it upward don’t break because almost it cost 80 percent of the whole tv now watch me carefully put your nails under this panel screen and gently lift it upward like i’m doing here lift it carefully like that after carefully putting the panel on the side now the next step is to remove this panel fitting it has also given us little locks look at these locks press them with a screwdriver inside and it will be freed do them on all the foresight now our panel fitting is freed also put it on the side now you have to remove these reflector papers next thing is we have to remove this reflecting paper too and these are the lights underneath this we will check them one by one and then if there are anything faulty in this light strips we can change them or fix them i will now lift this reflecting paper it is glued with the back side previous to save time

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