WireShark Installation On Windows Operating System

hello and welcome to the tech destination youtube channel today’s we are going to see how to install wireshark software on our windows operating system so let’s get start first of all you need to open your browser search wireshark click on the first link now website is open so click on this windows installer you can install you can download 64-bit or 32-bit also as per your system so i have already downloaded this 64-bit wireshark setup so

i just skip this step and move to the next this is the folder where i have downloaded the software so we we need to install this now it’s loading let’s you need to click on the next button click the noted button click the next button if you want to create shortcut on your desktop you should check this wireshark desktop icon check you can change a folder where you have to install the software you should install the npcap software so check this install and pick apps click on the next if you want to use install the usb pick app you can install it i will install now it says progress now click on i agree button select the install and pick app in w pin cap win p gap api compatibility it’s taking a few time we have to wait till it’s finished so i will put the video on pause now it’s done we have to click on next button that’s it now wireshark is in progress the second application is the usb cap driver license so click on i accept click on next button check the i accept the check box and click on the next button once again click on the next button and finally click on the install usbĀ  cap is installed on this system so

we need to close this it’s taking few minutes more to install now it’s done so click on next button click on i want to manually reboot later so friends our fine wireshark software has installed right now now it’s run that’s it if you like this video then hit the like button and comment down and if you’re new on this channel you should subscribe the channel and press the bell icon to get the latest updates regarding our videos thank you for watching this video

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