Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 10 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

From whom his second son Aladdin was born and the Maal Hatun’s father is “Omar Bay”. However, everyone agrees with this dream. This dream is known as Osman’s Dream which was a divine sign from God to the Ottoman Empire. This dream of Uthman was considered very good and later people interpreted it as: The four rivers were the Tigris, the Euphrates, the Nile, and the Danube. And the four mountains were Mount Toor, Mount Balkan, Mount Qaf, and Mount Atlas. Later, in the time of Uthman’s descendants, the empire spread to these rivers and mountains.

Ertugrul’s Crown Prince

So this dream was actually a prophecy about the size of the Ottoman Empire. The city means the city of Constantinople which Uthman could not conquer but later his descendants conquered this city. Usman, I became the ruler of his kingdom on September 27, 1299, after the death of his father, Ertugrul Ghazi. After the Mongol conquest of the Roman capital of Konya and the fall of the Seljuk Empire, Uthman’s estate became independent, later called the Ottoman Empire. Usman Khan’s estate was bordered by the Byzantine Empire of Constantinople. It was the same Byzantine government known as the Roman Empire in Arab times Which was taxed by the Seljuks in the time of Alp Arsalan and Malik

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Byzantine government is known as the Roman Empire

Shah The Byzantine Empire was now very weak and small, but still much larger and more powerful than Usman Khan’s estate. The Byzantine forts kept invading Usman’s manor, which led to fighting between Usman Khan and the Byzantine government. Uthman showed great bravery and ability in these battles and conquered many areas, including the famous city of Bursa. Uthman besieged the fortress of Qaraja and soon conquered this Byzantine fortress. After his conquest, Uthman warned the Byzantines that their competition was not easy. The Seljuk Sultan was very happy with this victory and gave Uthman the Qaraja Hesar and all the surrounding area which Uthman had acquired by force of the sword, in Uthman’s jagir. And awarded him the title of “Nezbek”. Usman was allowed to issue his own coin in the area.

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