Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 5 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Thus the Mongol commander also acts as Usman’s spy, works with Balgaye. After all, when Osman escapes from the captivity of Balgaye he is seen by the Sheikh’s Saints, Osman is in critical condition Saint picks up. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 5 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Osman and takes him to Sheikh Edebali Where Sheikh Edebali treats him and this was the occasion where Osman Ghazi dreams of establishing an empire In which he sees, that a moon rises from the heart of Sheikh Edebali and enters the chest of Osman The moon comes and enters the chest and a bright tree emerges from the chest whose branches spread all around.

Then the word martyrdom is being recited.

When Osman opens his eyes, he mentions this dream to Sheikh Edebali and asks about the dream. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 5 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Now I say to Sheikh Edebali that Bala Hatun will be your wife because this is the sign of nature Allah has blessed your children with kingship and kingdom and many areas are yours and With the help of your children you will enter the realm of Islam And then Sheikh Edebali hands over a sacred sword to Osman.

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Kohnur Alp and Abdur rehman ghazi courage

At Alishar’s offer, Dundar Bey agrees to marry his daughter, Aygul hatun, to Alishar The main reason for this was that Dundar Bey wanted to establish his influence on these lands and on the Kayii tribe He wanted to become stronger by giving his daughter to the chief of these lands Osman Ghazi knew the real reason for this marriage Osman tried to persuade Dundar, but Dundar turned his back on.

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Osman’s opinion and handed over his daughter to Alishar After the marriage, Dundar tells Bay Alishar to kill Osman Bey and take revenge on my son Badar Alishar goes out in search of Osman along with his soldiers, On the other hand, Usman is already aware of this conspiracy and he orders Gunduz, Abdul Rahman Ghazi, and Bamsi Bey to attack Alishar’s mansion and seize it.

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