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However, one of his swords, which was given by Sheikh Ada Bali, still exists today. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 Urdu Hindi Dubbed This sword of Sultan Uthman was given to every sultan who came after him and in this ceremony, it was prayed that Allah creates in you the same virtues as Uthman Sultan Uthman shot and killed his uncle Dündar Bey himself. This was the first assassination of his own family in the Ottoman Empire. Dandar was killed because he was allying with the Byzantine emperors. In addition, he was demoralizing the army. At the meeting of Sultan Uthman, he advised the enemy not to fight by calling him powerful

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After Uthman, his descendants became great kings who made his dream come true.

We would find this murder very flawed in terms of today but in terms of that era, it was a minor incident. In his early days, Sultan Uthman also built a mosque which is the first mosque of the Ottoman Empire.  In the history of Islam, the rule of any family has not lasted as long as the rule of Al-Uthman, nor has there been a ruler in any family as capable as Al-Uthman. In 1317, Sultan Usman Ghazi laid siege to Barsa, a very important city. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 Urdu Hindi Dubbed The siege lasted for about ten years. There are various traditions regarding the death of Sultan Uthman. It is said that Sultan Uthman died in 1323 or 1324. But according to some traditions, he was on his death bed at the time of the conquest of Barsa.

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After the conquest of Barsa

Usman Ghazi died at Soghoot on August 21, 1326 and was buried in the city of Barsa. Before he died, he gave long advice to his son Orkhan and urged justice among the people. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Who inherited the Ottoman Empire after Uthman? And what did he do for this state? We will tell you all this in the next video of this series

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