Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Here is our beginning stage, Sofia.

In an extraordinary fire to be scorched. I’m paying attention to you now. What data did you bring from Kayı Obası? Kayı Obası is bubbling, sir. Dündar is exceptionally furious with Osman. We can utilize this annoyance. Since Osman doesn’t actually count Dündar’s territory. It could be Dundar Bey, however, the soul of Ertuğrul’s child Osman is meandering in Kayı. I feel it, Sofia. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Osman will inconvenience us, yet in addition Dündar.

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Episode 14 Part 1 Player 1


The fire of this fire that we are fanning will lead us to fortune. It is outlandish for Osman to know where the fortune is. Edebali never lets him know the mystery of the Ahi. She is enamored with that young lady enough to try and defy Edebalı. You will see, it will bring fortune. [Door rings.] Master Yannis, data came from Nizamettin, sir. Tell me, Helen.

 Player 2

Osman sent Bala Hatun to Kayı Obası.

The love I bow consciously indeed before your force. I saw the force of adoration when I covered my hands with the blood of the property manager. Yet, Osman, we can’t be certain what he will do. Make certain to bring the fortune of the Ahis, Kalanoz. The affection inside you, the disdain you feel for me; he will carry the fortune to me eventually. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14 Urdu Hindi Dubbed When it comes, we will have gone to our lengths. My Alişar Bey. What do individuals and fish share practically speaking, do you know Nizamettin? At the point when the two of them open their mouth superfluously, they fall into difficulty. Presently hack what is in your stomach.

Episode 14 Part 2 Player 1


Sir, you know it

is my most noteworthy satisfaction to be your eyes, the consultation ear. It didn’t fit inside me, so I carried it to you. I don’t care for swarmed mouths. Nectar, let me know speedy! Bala Hatun, little girl of Sheik Edebali, was harmed. They carried it to Kayı Obası. What are they engaged with? My ruler is significantly more significant, with Osman Samsa Sergeant. Most likely Şeyh Edebalı is likewise with them. (He inhales.) So, Edebalı fan the fire of Osman. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. Let’s extinguish that fire so that doesn’t allow our statement to remain in this land. Presently go get Osman. Say, Mr. Alişar is calling you to the court. Imagine a scenario where he would not like to come, sir. The future has guaranteed me. In the event that he doesn’t come, I’ll tear his lung out. I blind that Pusat to everybody. Osman is exceptionally hot, sir. No damage to Nizamettin? You will forfeit the bread for the fish to be taken care of, Zorba

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