Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

And to capture Alishar himself goes, Osman catches Alishar and brings him to the tribe. When Osman starts beheading him in front of the whole tribe, the Mongol commander Subutaye came And demands the release of Alishar But. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Osman disobeying the word of the substrate separates the head of Alishar from the body Subutaye becomes furious and goes to Sofia to form an alliance against Osman While on the other hand. At the wedding ceremony, Dandar’s wife Zuhre hatun adds poison to the food of the ceremony so that he can take revenge on Osman for his son But here

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Osman and Bala Hatun get married

He was sitting in the tribe, and because of this ambush, Osman got attacked badly As a result of this attack, the arm of Abdur Rahman Ghazi is also cut off Subutaye goes to hell, this attack is doomed, but Sofia manages to escape. Even after this defeat. Sofia does not leave China and sends bloody warriors prepared by her father to kill Osman Osman Ghazi goes with the dog to take the adult to his destination. Kurtulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 Urdu Hindi Dubbed After her death, Sofia reaches out to ‘Osman with the evil warriors and attacks him. As a result of this attack, ‘Osman was severely wounded while fighting these demons, and he escaped unharmed and saved by Bamsi bey While Osman is so wounded in this attack that Sofia becomes convinced that Osman has been martyred.

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He is met by Sartarkin Bey, the elder brother of Ertugrul Ghazi.

After this, Osman receives a message from the white-bearded men in which he tells Usman that the Byzantines and Mongols are forming an alliance against the Turks In which the emperor’s daughter will marry the Mongol Gaykhatu Kahn, And for this the Mongols and the Byzantines are coming together in one place, to help you fulfill this duty, your blood will be there.

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When ‘Osman rescues the emperor’s daughter Adelphia and arrives at the meeting place of the Mongols and Byzantines, Osman with his uncle made the meeting unsuccessful On the other hand, after the failure of the plantation, Gaykhatu Khan takes back all the power from the plantation After which he sends

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