Kurulus Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Mr. Bamsı! You will go to Söğüt to court, Andreas.

Let everybody know what I have said. Let them know that Osman didn’t get away from the court. Osman took Sofia, the killer of the landowner. Since Alparslan your 200 years of revile have expired. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing Mr. Osman! You will not have graves in this land! Fatiha is discussed after our saints. No one will recall you! You provided the request to your canines to have Aybars killed.

Try not to Go Kalanoz!

I won’t allow you to saint Bala Hatun! Presently go say that Yannis care assuming she needs her little girl Sofia to present to me the recuperating of Bala Hatun. Or then again murder your girl! I’ll hang tight for you in the tent. On the off chance that you don’t come, I will shed Sofia’s blood! You can not do this. No Kalanoz! You can’t allow the Turks to win! Try not to go! Try not to return! Kalanoz!  The toxic substance has its impact, that is the reason it’s perspiring, sir. The natural toxic substance in my little girl’s blood biiznillah.

I trust he improves. I trust sir.

Notwithstanding, there are such toxins in case it is imagined, it catches individuals. It never comes out without killing the heart. Like envy. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing, For instance, resentment and resentment. The Messenger of Allah was asked who is the highest point of individuals in Sav. Two world servers said, “Everybody whose heart is certain and whose words are correct.” The Companions were amazed. Either Rasulullah, we know reality. they asked what is implied by the heart.

Our Lord investigated everybody

also, said: “This is a good nature that apprehensions Allah.” He said, “There is no transgression, cold-bloodedness, desire, and resentment.” This is Kalanoz’s man, what’s happening? Where is Princess Sofia? Osman took princess Sofia. He sent me here to illuminate you. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitle Oh my dear companion, this won’t ever end well. Osman, Osman you stomped on me. You abused the state! The state will likewise you! Menace, prepare my pony! Mr. Gündüz, tell the speedy alps. We will discover Osman. (He inhales and leaves.) Farabi, researchers like you If fighters like Osman were of my religion, the realm of god would govern in this world. Commandant Kalanoz! What is your state, Kalanoz? What befell you? Osman took Sofia. As a trade-off for Sofia’s life, she needs Bala Hatun’s life from you. Where?

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