Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 21 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing

In the Dark Valley.

Osman, damn you and your relatives, Osman! Is Sofia your girl? Just Edebalı could know this. That is the reason they hijacked Sofia. Truth be told. Sofia is your little girl. How does Edebali know this mysterious that you keep from everybody?Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 21 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing No more mysteries, Kalanoz. There is just passing at this point. Pay attention to me now. My sheik Ya Shafi. Meet Allah. Ya Shafi. Meet Allah. Father. You will be saved Bala, hang on less. Toning it down would be best.

Hang on less! Ya bismillah.

God, invigorate him, O Lord! Samsa Sergeant, watch out for Sofia. Osman, you will discover your difficulty! You will pay for the violations you have submitted! Is there any deck? You’re here, child. Quiet, make me break the bone of your mouth! Sofia today is your retribution day. My Aybars blood won’t remain on the ground! Osman bamboozled all of you. He did as such to get away from the court. Wake up at this point.

You will pay for the transgression he submitted, thus will your compliance! Leave me! How is Ahvali, Ayşe auntie? Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 21 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing I trust it will be acceptable, Ayşe auntie. It will be acceptable. Princess Sofia? What’s happening? Osman seized me and killed my warriors. What’s the significance here, Mr. Bamsı?

Free Princess Sofia now! Osman,

where right? Would you call me Alişar? Osman, the child of Ertuğrul Gazi, doesn’t get away from equity! Haven’t you recalled this time, Mr. Alişar? Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle Either move past Osman or hazard war, Alişar Bey! Warriors, get Osman Bey! (They draw blades.) Now do you defy the state as well? How about you take my assertion, Alişar Bey? I said it would be a reasonable court. I kept my statement. Not me you will pass judgment on Sofia. Osman! Equity will discover its place in my dad’s room today. Presently, Alişar Bey, pay attention to reality from me. I kept my assertion. The medication is here, Osman Bey. It is the mending of Bala

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