Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 Bolum 67 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kumaral Abdul Inshallah

And subduing many enemies, God willing Willing, my old man Jercot never dies Lovers never die I will not die without you Don’t just talk Inshallah, you have nine lives. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 Bolum 67 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. You cannot stop taking it just because you are well From now on you will drink herbal decoctions It’s constant Thank you, you have healed the heart with your words. Now you distribute the medicine in your clever hands Calm down! What skills do you see in me? Don’t say anything like that anymore Lord, all merchants meet conscientious people For me, I would meet either a traitor or a lunatic Be patient sir There is important news Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. I heard Mrs.

This smell is the smell of a useless soldier

The skill could not keep its promise. This smell is the smell of a corpse, O Salmo You also know that it can win\NIn battle with good intellect You gave us the wrong idea. A complete Betina came there. To separate that priest from us We have lost the priest out of our hands. Got the wrong idea! It was a complete betty! Don’t tell me stories, Salmo. We made a deal together I promised you, honey. In exchange for bringing me Friar Gregor, I gave you half of it If. I win You have won, And if you lose. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 Bolum 67 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. You also lost Islam does not lose did not come here from Catalonia to lose Who took Gregor. I will find it and bring it to you. I will take as much as I want for this I am a human being, doing what I promised to Bring me a monk and take your gold.

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Player 0

I was a woman from the tribe of Omar

I was ruined by my father I agreed to be the second wife of a brave man Just because his first wife can’t have children I said: Let the tribes be united I said: Let the Turks unite And if it’s my son, so be it\NFrom Mr. Osman My God Why did they hide it from me? Honesty? Worn out What if he was a boy? “Ingle Castle” Dear Rogatos How r u You have to ask yourself, you never look good It’s a terrible day Probably, not the worst today, but the way you look at the world Because it’s a day that can seem scary to you.

Player 1

Is that true, Rogatos?

Have a good day someone else Isn’t that right, my friend? Aya Nicola, ruler of Angola My friend Do you think the jar is coming? Finally my friends, finally Kosis You’re as cold as ever like a rock Rogatos Fox has daily meetings in your head Don’t ask Our friend is having a terrible day I know Please Gregor Rogatos is a cousin and best friend Escape from the emperor’s dungeon On the way to Rogatos, someone arrested him Is what I understand correct?

Player 2

Do you want to save a traitor who wants to arrest Emperor Andronicus?

Does it ever scare you? Father Gregor can now be a traitor But this is life! He could be the hero tomorrow My old friend who loves to protect heroes They represent Jesus on earth He who saves them is beside Jesus in Paradise Ragatos, anyone who listens to you thinks you like holiness But know the following, I will know the location of Fryer Gregor And when I know it, I have to take it If you only knew I wanted that monk to be with me. Dear Rogatos, Unfortunately, I don’t have one Otherwise, I will be the happiest person in heaven with our Father Jesus You know it Yes Since Gregor is not with anyone at this table So who is he with? Of course, the main suspect is Osman Osman Syed Kai Kayi Osman’s master, whom you did not succeed in defeating in any way? Isn’t that Nikola? What do we do now, Mr. Gregor? When we said we ran out of my hands\NEmperor, we have fallen into the hands of the disbelievers.

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