Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 5 Bolum 69 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 5 Bolum 69

Turgut Alp Give me Mary And I will take your warriors who are with Kosas and give them to you Etc. Become the medium of your trade with Artel Kutan, bring the girl And help him. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 5 Bolum 69 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. Your order, sir Mr. Osman will take you to your brother Kosis But tell him. We will be held accountable one day When that day comes, I will be there Let’s go Do exactly what Syed Usman I want you to be with me before I know you That man keeps his promise Don’t worry We make you feel like us And you treat us as you wish Your warriors will be with you soon Old My lord Take Mary And Mr. Bring in the Target fighters and come But caution must be exercised Your order, sir But we have taken our precautions Index finger Thumbs up

 What do we do now, sir?

How long will we be here? We won’t stop there, Andreas. We’ll find a way to tell Governor Rugs We can’t get out of here before This is happening Door, Andreas, Of course, sir You are fine And she’s fine We will live, Andreas He will live for the honesty he carries And we will be saved from Osman Marie-\NMy brother Are you alright Come on I am here to bring Osman. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 5 Bolum 69 Urdu Hindi Dubbed I am safely my sister We have brought your sister safely, Governor Cassis Now we ask you to come back as a fighter Buran, Turgut Alp Come on brothers Let’s go

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What you know is true, Kosis?

Help yourself Both I hope it was like this, Mr. Osman Neither Rugatros nor Father Graver Mr. Osman, I don’t care about any of them What’s the matter then? My sister The convoy that was bringing my sister Mary to me was raided The one who organized the expedition was a Turkish master Turgut Alp You must know him Is the abduction of women allowed in your customs, Mr. Osman? Is it permissible for a woman to go to her house without protection? What can be said about the display of weapons in the face of those who do not have weapons in their hands, Mr. Osman, is it permissible? Weigh your words before you speak, Kosis I sort out my words and talk We know you as the leader of all the Turks in this neighborhood No turkey can fly a bird within this range without your permission, Or is what we know wrong?

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Wait for the news from me I’ll bring your sister

I choose my friends and my enemies myself And those who will be my enemies or my friends They have invaded my most valuable asset I don’t know if he is alive, Mr. Osman I’m here to help you If my ears can’t hear what’s coming out of my mouth. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 5 Bolum 69 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. The reason is obvious to Let anyone come to my door And he asks me for help, especially for someone who has been wronged He never goes through the door without getting what he wants to But If you make a mistake at this point, You will then betray, to know it May God be my witness My only wish is to meet my sister Salima Ghanema You are what they said you were God bless you

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