Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 4 Bolum 68 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Let’s send men everywhere, sir Everywhere! Very handsome I was invited to Nicola’s dinner in the evening Let’s see what you have to say to us. The eyes of the rulers who pretend to be our friends? Prepare yourself, Nestor And you brought your mind, thoughts, and spirit that you kept. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 4 Bolum 68 Urdu Hindi Dubbed In Catalonia, come here soon Otherwise, you will return to your country empty-handed. Don’t lose! Incompetent Peace be upon the women. He will be very white with a beard like flour. And he will be long-lived, willing God willing Reliable His tongue is as sweet as honey Amen.

You delivered Good luck! Good luck!

Amen Considering that wheat is a blessing Please never say his blessing Reliable He lived a life Very pure as salt, willing God desires Reliable Peace be upon you, Aunt Seljan. You saved us twice as happy as we did Peace be upon my daughter Mrs. Malhoun is right, Mom The tribe is glad you came My beautiful daughter Aspiration is hard I miss each of you Come on lady, come on Let’s see. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 4 Bolum 68 Urdu Hindi Dubbed ┬áBala Are you alright I’m fine, I’m fine dumb I just smell weird Take it, Bala Delivered May my Lord grant you a lifetime\NLong, blessed and glorious, the will of the willing God Be your descendant May the Lord protect you from the evil of the wicked And let it be yours.

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 4 Bolum 68

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Grandfather is the worthy son of his grandparents Reliable.

Your grandmother Saljan Oh my beautiful boy Lady Bala You don’t like me made you boiled thyme, Ok my daughter What about you? I’m fine mom, I’m fine My daughter Malhun, take it Peace be upon you, Gokcha Bala Let’s go for a walk. You will rest After your permission Permission is yours, my daughter After your permission My daughter Ayesha Cover it Who is our daughter? I’ve never seen him before It’s Gotcha, the mother. She has been with me since Alaja founded her home Good He is definitely skilled Bala, what are you doing? God forbid Is it permissible to drink? Did you boil thyme while pregnant? I don’t know, dumb I forgot how bad it is Aye Balla. I acquit you Be careful Good now. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 4 Bolum 68 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. How are you alright I’m fine, I’m fine dumb I’m fine to Be well, Bala Always be good. To endure this great struggle?

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 4 Bolum 68

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The Turks were divided into thousands on the land of Anatolia.

The Islamic world is slaughtering each other. Some claim they are Sunni and Shia For this reason If we are different They also do not have to be monotheistic They will also be different They cannot be one They will not be able to build their dreams on us They will survive the sleepless night They will also pay the price They have shed for the blood of every innocent Muslim They are no longer behind us Let them try to get out The wells they fell into are no more Old I will first gain the trust of Fryer Gregor He and all Orthodox will see That salvation does not belong to the Pope But for Mr. Osman, who raised the banner of justice Will God do whatever He wills May your sword be sharp and may your heart be strong, O brave Osman As long as your heart and mind feel this way Many roads will be crossed.

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