Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 132 Urdu Dubbed By HarPal Geo

Welcome. My Bala I share the chests with you. Don’t worry. Alps.Take Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun to the tribe.Move, Alps! Boran, we should get to Sogut. We should figure out the escort matter. EyvAllah, my Bey. Quickly, we ought to get to Sogut before him! Move! Welcome. Kurtulus Osman Season 2 Episode 132 Urdu Dubbed By HarPal Geo TV Osman Bey! Osman Bey. Welcome! Let’s see what the procession owners are doing. The Alps. Untie them. Thank Allah! May Allah be content with you, my Bey.

May Allah be content, brothers. Tell me. I’m focusing on you.-

They attacked the motorcade, my Bey. Everything we have is gone, my Bey! On the outside, in Sogut they tortured us. my Bey. Why did they leave you alive? Because of our gold, my Bey. To make us let them in on where our gold is. They tortured us. my Bey. When one transforms into a merchant goods quit being a luxury and they become basic to one’s being. My Bey, you told us to bring a caravan and that you would be responsible for whatever happened to us. Suleiman. For that reason, it is our right to ask for reimbursement for this attack. If we have given you our word then we will keep it.

May Allah add quite a while to your years, my Bey.

o all of us.All of us.All of us. We’ve played our parts. Bu Do you think he was suspicious? If he was suspicious you wouldn’t talk right now. Nonetheless, we ought to be cautious. If Osman has woken up……we should return him to sleep. Welcome, Osman Bey. Secure the area. May Allah be content. May Allah be content.So, you are the young lady of Umur Bey I am, Selcan Hatun. Who doesn’t know Umur Bey on the grounds of Anatolia? You have gone through so much, from the Mongols, and from their servants. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 132 Urdu Dubbed By HarPal Geo TV For as long as I remember that, we have been moving again and again. Geyhatu attacks us again and again.

Do you understand my father?

If my Rabb and the assistance of Awliyah didn’t guarantee us it would not be possible to even breathe……for my father’s, and shockingly my granddad Emir Ulmera Seyfeddin Kizil Bey’s lineage. Ahmed, what happened? Don’t tell her where I am!Ahmed!Alright.My Bala. My great daughters were visiting with Malhun Hatun. What are you looking for? I’m looking for Ahmed, mother. Have you seen him? No. daughter. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 132 Urdu Dubbed By HarPal Geo TV Ahmed isn’t here. Fine. then. We were bound to meet at a deplorable time, Malhun Hatun.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 132 Urdu Dubbed By HarPal Geo

If you’ll recognize me, I will be your guest for quite a while.

My Rabb’s benevolence and the (extraordinary) breath of Awliyah(wise people) support individuals who are reliant upon mercilessness, my brilliant daughter.InshaAllah. Even if it kills us.Thank you, my Bey. May Allah be content, my Bey. Shaitan has set up a table we ought to find who eats from it and who soils the table. Then, we will pay our debts and take what’s ours. Thank Allah! May Allah be content, my Bey! May Allah keep you with us. my Bey. Catch your breath. Thanks, brother.

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