Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 41 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo

That is by and by not being utilized. They hide him in a storm cellar underground. To be sure. This is full, Ahmet. Take it to the fire. What’s going on? Tell me, Ahmet? Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 41 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo Why does Ertugrul Bey manage Osman Bey like this? What are you saying, Ahmet? Ertugrul Bey reveres his children, why might he mishandle Osman Bey? Didn’t Osman Bey save us from the Mongolians? Didn’t he vanquish Kulucahisar? Come on, what about we go. Osman Bey. Ahmet Alp. Take this, Ahmet. Without a doubt, even a little child sees yet they can’t. You can talk with your father at dinner around evening time. Ertugrul Bey is your father. He’ll focus on you, basically chat with him.

My Bey. Help us, my Bey, they’ll kill my father.

Where isn’t that so? Accordingly, my Bey. We ought to go. Did you live it up? Get up, kin. Thankful, Turk. Might you want to get beaten also, Turk? Keep away from this. Put that blade in a difficult spot. There will be no blood. Fail miserably, Turk! Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 41 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo Enough! What’s going on here, Goktug? These three were beating the Rum. I intruded We had a bet between us, before that Turk came, we had no issues. Is simply self-evident? For sure my Bey, I couldn’t get what’s going on by a similar token. This Alp attacked unarmed/fighters with his blade. – You lying canine! – Stop, kin. Lying canine! Goktug! He is losing an abundance of blood. Dundar Bey, this bundle of canines lies! While your Bey agrees to a congruity game plan with Nicola, you are attacking us here like this, Dundar Bey

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I will acknowledge what happened, Flatyos.

I will learn. You attacked my unarmed officials. Stop yourself from offering articulations you will be embarrassed from, Flatyos! Ertugrul Bey should pay for the blood of my official. Tit for tat, Dundar Bey. Ertugrul Bey should pay for the blood of my champion. – You damn canine! – Goktug! Goktug. Abhorrence my unarmed men, Mongol assortment! Goktug! – I will eliminate your tongue! –  Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 41 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo Goktug! – I will kill you! – Calm down! Calm down! Calm down. Take him to jail, and take his weapons. Ertugrul Bey will decide his fate. If anything happens to my trooper… you will pay for that. Dundar Bey. I Davut! Davut Usta. Osman… Do you know the account of the catlike whose tail was stepped on? What cat? What came to pass for the cat? The butcher didn’t give him meat.

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