Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 134 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo

I have been revealed

I could hardly escape from him. From now into the foreseeable future, There is simply death for me on his side. There is simply passing for Balgay from now for a significant length of time kin. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 134 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo Less for you. Just for Balgay Where is essentially reprobate? He set up his camp on the slant at the Kartal kayi. He is lined up with Sofia and Subutay. He sold you out

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We don’t have much time. We need to go to the castle, Balgay. We shouldn’t waste more time. Everything is over. Before I die, nothing will be over, Sophia. And without finishing them, I’m not going to die. Let s head to the castle. I’ll forcefully put the destiny of these lands into your brains. The ones came to invade… …will return as they come.

You ran to these lands just because of the fear of us.

What has changed? What has changed? We came and found you again. Your end will be delivered by our hands. We came to these lands… … to spread the religion of Allah. We came to fight! We came to destroy… …your cruel rule. Just you killed Alisar, you think this is over? We’ll come with raids. We’ll come for blood and vengeance. Let Alisar’s death be an example for the traitors among us. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 134 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo And let your death… …be an example for all the cruel. Long live my Osman Bey! Long live my Osman Bey! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Send this dog’s head… …to Geyhatu. Let him see what will happen to him. Stop! No one eats the food! This traitor has poisoned the food! Eat it! You dog. kill whoever tries to kill us! Come, son. Come. Let’s go to the tent, so I can check your wound. Don’t worry, I’m fine. Osman gains victory over victory. You worry if his name gets higher. Don’t worry, mother. They expect to get the post… … that they stole from my father. But I won’t leave it to them.

I won’t let Osman be a bey, while my father is still alive.

Just know this. The matter is not Osman, son. The matter is the coming disaster. We can get rid of Osman but… …Geyhatu will come. Osman went too far this time. Subutay was the right arm of Geyhatu. He took his life. He deserved it mother. He deserved it… …but… …when Geyhatu hears about it…. …his anger will increase so much. Then, with his army… …he’ll attack Kayi tribe. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 134 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo Our duty is to save Kayi tribe from this situation, son. There is only one man… …who can and will do it. And he is… My uncle. Your uncle, yes. You go immediately. You let him know what happened here. No one in the tribe needs to know where you are heading. I’ll report that you’ve gone to thank my brother for the intelligence he gave.

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