Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo

Cetin and Ayaz ought to stay with you. Our foes have joined as one, To end us, to demolish us! They need to end Turks! They need there to be not a singular Muslim, Who talks the name of Allah! In any case. I know a various group… …who vowed to kill them yet passed on. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo I’m not promising to kill them. I guarantee them, the perdition. Why are you here, Bahadir? Right when the Alps of my family are out locking in it’s difficult for me to simply sit, Osman Bey.

What do you truly need from me?

I know your shock towards me. Stores of issues occurred because of my nonattendance But I consider it, Osman Bey. On the off chance that you permit me, I’d prefer to be in a practically identical way as you. Our way experiences issues. It’s not for individuals who are touchy. Osman Bey. Doesn’t my kinfolk Batur mean anything? In the event that I’m touchy should kick the bucket for you. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo Come, then, at that point. Selcan Hatun. Bala Hatun. Help! What’s happening, young woman? What’s going on? Aygul isn’t wherever close. What do you mean she’s bafflingly missing? She’s strangely missing.

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She was slow and she went to the tent to rest

. After some time I thought I’d research her. She wasn’t in the tent. I looked through the entire group yet I can’t consider it to be her. Goodness, no. I asked everybody. No one has seen her. How should we respond, Selcan Hatun? Loosen up, young woman. We’ll consider it to be her. Did you tell Hazal Hatun? I was unable to consider her to be her. Perhaps they have left together? I don’t think so. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo Hazal Hatun was before the tent. I just saw her. Whatever! We’ll find Aygul. She’s a despondent person. Allah ensure. We genuinely need to consider her before the sunsets. Alps! Aygul isn’t wherever close. Go, tell Dundar Bey. We will look

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