Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 135 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo

Exactly when will the boat that is taking us from here appear, Andreas? According to my get-together with Tekfur Rogatus, it ought to have at this point been here, Sir Gregor.Soldiers!On the solicitation for Tekfur Rogatus, we will take Priest Gregor and return to the castle! I needn’t bother with any problem! My Alps. With the assent of Allah, we will fly like a hawk by making no solid like the wind we will take Priest Gregor and fly towards our own properties.- InshAllah, my Bey.- InshAllah, my Bey.

 It is coming, sir. Priest Gregor.

Ragatus Raskaris sent me to welcome you.Boo’dMy sidekick, Rogatus. The warriors of Tekfur Rogatus are holding on for you.Please.Please.Please.Here.God favors you, son.Please.Please.Please.We will remain by here. Let’s see when they will fall into our claw. Baysungur.My Bey. You know what you are accepted to do. I know, my Bey. Come on. My dear friend. Where would we say we are going? Where are Theodore and his committed heroes unequivocally keeping things under control for us? They are holding up at the shore of Gokee, sir. They are holding up at the shore of Gokee, sir.Interesting.He should keep things under control for us around Cakirca. Obviously, we are mistaken. While we are endeavoring to escape from the snares of the Emperor the adversaries of his relative, Mikhael Kosses.

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Oh, Or should I say the adversary of Inegol Tekfur, Aya Nikola?

Search him! So you are a Turk. You will choke in the water. You can eat whatever amount of you want in hell! The boat is not coming towards here. it’s taking off to someplace else. Cerkutay was not on the boat, my Bey. Come on. Catalans! Get in battle formation! Don’t show them mercy! Bring the clergyman, kill the rest! Damn it! Where did they come from? For the Laskaris Dynasty, Only Tekfur Rogatus knew about our arrival! Do you accept it’s the head’s doing, pro-Gregor? I don’t know Andreas. Priest Gregor You crazy boy Anselmo. Where’s the priest? Why are you asking me Diago? You ought to get the clergyman while I was fighting Diego.Priest Gregor. From now on you are the prisoner of Kayi Bey Ertugrul Ghazi’s youngster, Osman Bey. I’ve heard your name. I censured your name in every one of the eastern places of love for what you did to Jesus’ children, Osman Bey. ‘ll permit you a chance to live long enough to get made up for your requests.

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