Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 83 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo

As you request ma’am! Aya Nikola? He will not at any point help us, my Princess. – As you probably know… – No, he will! If this royal residence falls, Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 83 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal GeoThe Christian fortitude in the limit falls too. Aya Nikola won’t decrease this. He isn’t doing satisfactory… We should be geared up for any eventuality… My Bey. My Gunduz Bey.

No. Gunduz. I won’t leave my kin alone.

No! No, I won’t leave my kin alone. Mother. What are you saying? Huh? How could a physical issue manage my kin? No. No, it will sit idle… One injury will not do anything to my kin.  My Gunduz. Youngster. Bala is with Osman. There’s reliably trust from Allah. There’s reliably trust from Allah.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 83 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo I couldn’t guarantee… I couldn’t guarantee my kin, Bamsi Bey. What will I say to my father? Huh, Bamsi Bey? You should know. What will I say to my father in case he gets some data about Osman? I couldn’t get. Youngster, Osman will be OK. Osman will be alright. Don’t you stress? Hold tight. Hold tight. Kid, you’re in the Beys seat.

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You’ll be strong with the objective that people will be strong.

You’ll hold tight with the objective that we can bear it also. So we can bear it also. Hold tight. Whenever it’s an optimal chance to address, what will I say?  How should I pay for this? You’re assaulting yourself my Dundar. Do whatever it takes not to do it. You had imperfections previously. Alright. Nonetheless, everyone does. It’s connected to being unassuming, isn’t that so? Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 83 Urdu Dubbing By Har Pal Geo It’s obvious, you are with him for a long time. Envision a situation where a courageous one like him passes on. What will I do then Hazal? How should I live with this regret? Get a grip, Dundar Bey. Would a bold one like Osman Bey fail horrendously this way? No. We ask and give it to Allah.

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