Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 143 With Urdu Dubbed Harpal Geo

Nicola doesn’tNdare to defy me. He’s apprehensive of veritably well that if he hurts you I might burn down Kulucahisar. You are all making a mistake. We should contend with SogutNtoday and Kulucahisar the following day. We need to take care of lnegol a good deal latterly. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 143 With Urdu Dubbed Harpal Geo Do you questionable Nicola can stayNKulucahnsar if I take over lnegol, Osman? You can not take over lnegol. Only my family and uncle will suffer in the long run. You’re exceeding your limits even when you are seeking to shield us, Osman. However, we will act like napoleons, If you have been suitable to enter and go out KulucahisarNlike a wolf in a lamb pen.

We can shoot the gazelleNhenfl and depart there.

Eyvallah, family. Eyvallah. I don’t misdoubt that. But the adversary’sNdagger points to Sogut. I will go to Sogut. Yavlak can go to lnegol. And you could fall into Nicola’s lure. But you need to know that. Your unattached roar is sufficient. When Nicola’sNsoldiers maintain the gates.

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Your family would break that gate

The disbeliever has taken over the control. Bad signs and symptoms appeased on Sogut’s midairs. Obviously. They need to retaliate the dagger that was given caught in Nicola’s casket. They suppose. That little dagger wound is the charge of Kulucahisar. They need vengeance on us but have not stopped trying yet. My heart hasn’t been relieved yet but they want to burn it formerly more! I swear to the soul of my ancestor Oguz Khan. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 143 With Urdu Dubbed Har pal Geo. My heart hasn’t been relieved yet! Sisters. The days we’re suitable to knock culucahisar’s gates are near. Moment. We’ll smooth SogutNfrom the adversary. Hereafter, indeed hastily. We’ll arrive at Kulucahisar that we entrusted to us by means of stagers and killers Allah is the Greatest! For the sake of stagers who fought publicizing” Allah”.

For the sake of martyrs thrown at bloody brands!

For the sake of commander of stagers Shah! Allah is the Greatest! For the sake of the Sultan of brave men, Ertugrul Gazi who awaits our palm. Allah is the Greatest! Don’τ solicitude, nothing will pass wrong. We’re wanting the news of your palm from Inegol From now on, we will give you all our support. To Kulucahisar. Of path, DundarBey.NDo not ever misdoubts that. Take care of our father and our lineage, family. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 143 With Urdu Dubbed Harpal Geo Do not sweat, family. You can go your manner Eyvallah. My Bey. Abdurrahman Gazi. Yes, my Bey. What is taking place on the lineage? Dundar, Savci and Gunduz. Are taking advice from Yavlak Arslan.

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