Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 145 Urdu Dubbing By HarPal Geo

We can shoot the gazelleNhenfl and depart there. Eyvallah, family. Eyvallah. I don’t misdoubt that. But the adversary’sNdagger points to Sogut. I will go to Sogut. Yavlak can go to lnegol. And you could fall into Nicola’s lure. But you need to know that. Your unattached roar is sufficient. When Nicola’sNsoldiers maintain the gates. Your family would break that gate. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 145 Urdu Dubbing By HarPal Geo And help formerly more The disbeliever has taken over the control. Bad signs and symptoms appeased on Sogut’s midairs. Obviously. They need to retaliate the dagger that were given caught in Nicola’s casket

Bring it again. Did not I inform you that I will smooth the wholeness’?

I ignored you, Bamsi. You took me and were given out of the castle last time Osman. And who is going to store your captive uncle and family this time? You puppies. I got out of the stronghold with you and stored the captures. And I will go with you and save my uncle and family this time. My Bey. My Bey-Do!-No Osman Bey From now on, do not worry about whatever. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 145 Urdu Dubbing By HarPal Geo Live long stalwart fighter! Give me your call My call is Gence Bey. Good. That is it That is it Good Good. That is it. It’s superb! Right now, you look so much advanced. Just a touch bit. Yes like blood. Let me see. It’s great. Your appearance was awful. You. You ignoble canine.

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You pay for this. You can pay for this, you ignoble canine. Yes. It looks brilliant. I requested Osman and said. How are you going to go down right then?’And you understand what he said? Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 145 Urdu Dubbing By HarPal Geo He stated. Dundar Bey, will what you say come genuine? Dundar Bey, it’s going to be really good, look this way. We’ll kill! Hold on, uncle. Keep on! Dundar Bey, it will be advanced, relaxation assured It’ll unfeignedly be advanced. You damn canine You’re going to pay for this. We’re going to make you pay for this Hold on unde! Hold on!

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