Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 149 Urdu Dubbing By HarPal Geo

They knew what came going to show up to them if they failed to seize me as an internee, You are right. But in case you were such an important hatun. Why don’t neither your mortal beings nor that heathen called Nicola search for you? Targun. What kind of business is this, son? Tell me. Selcan Hatun. Aygul is on Dundar Bey’s roof. So, Hazal Hatun also has entered Dundar Bey’s roof. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 149 Urdu Dubbing By HarPal Geo Do you put your eyes on boyhood now, Aygul’? I set my eyes on you Hazal. I set my eyes on the murderer of my mama. Do not you remember that your mama. Tried to kill all of the Kayi BeysNand girls of the lineage. Aygul. I had an unfinished business with you, Hazal.

I understand that Where did you find that brand, Lena?

I dispose of everything inNorder to match his love then. If I cherished a person this a good deal. I’d rip out commodity he hasNin his coronary heart other than me. My Bala. What do you suppose? Do youNthink Osman treated that canine? The order saved your cultures, NLord Nicola. Get more snappily The new Emperor ofNthe the brand new Rome, Nicola. So, you want to beNan emperor, huh? He succeeded. Flatyos He entered my castle. He passed the allure. And killed me. Your pretensions saved you, Nicola. Your pretensions ofNbecoming an Emperor. This is an suggestion. I came born formerly more, Flatyos.

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Like Mitra who killed the black bull.

Born again like the god of the lords Dionysus. Or like Jesus Christ. I swear to you, Flatyos I am going to make them pay for this. I am going to transport between the canopies of the Kayis. I am going to impale them on stakes one by one So that. I am going to make a forest out of stakes. And also. I’ll region Osman’s headNon the longest of the sτakes. Aygul. Aygul. Aygul, deliver it then, allow me do it. Aygul that΄s hot iron! What are you doing? That is warm iron. It might hurt the daughter of my uncle What hurts you more that this hot iron, Aygul? Tell me, what’s it? I actually have a child, Osman. What child? A child Osman. Alisar’s child. The baby of the man you cut the head of. What does that suggest, Aygul.


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