Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 7 Bolum 71 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

When are we going to get the indispensable heads? Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 7 Bolum 71 Urdu Hindi Dubbed You can’t stay, but the time will come, family. The future. Hopefully. Sisters, this is the case of subjection. The time will come for all of them, they all! Until that point comes, you too can be an affected person, family. Especially inform them about continuity. These posts would no longer bear well on my Bamsı Bey’s midriff. Hiya. Yeah.

Rest in peace. Haven’t you doused them with blood?

Also, allow Osman Bey to run from conflict to conflict, he is going to continually stay sharp. E Boran, you stated subjection, you said battle, you excited us all. Especially if you hit the twine of the kopuz. Huh? Yeah. Let it hit. Yeah. Baykurt. Lets. Oh my god bro. Well performed, Boran family. You shouldn’t eat CerkutayAssalamu aleykum ve Rahmatullah. Assalamu aleykum ve rahmatullah. My god.

Accept my gratefulness to you for the proper

The right of the distinction of your majesty, the right of the topmost name, the proper of your prophets, the right of the light of your pater and mama, the right of the blood of your killers. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 7 Bolum 71 Urdu Hindi Dubbed I have not any deed that graces your justice. Treat me together with your mercy. O, ultimate Lord. You’re good at everything. Grant us the capability to conquer the traps set through the disbeliever with your help. I opened my arms to award you. Accept it, O Lord

Player 1

Owner of all places, the energy I indeed have made is for you.

To make your noble call dominate the world. To reach this blessed dream, give me and my technology electricity, O Lord. Give me energy, O Lord, to overcome the questioner. Give us energy, O Lord, to steal the traps they set for us. Palm is yours. You make us successful. Amine. Selam aleykum. Aleykum salam. Aleykum salam. Inform your Osman Bey. We have a gift. Thanks. You recovered speedy, pastor. I saw you nicely. Thank you.

Yes, I’m stylish. Father lord.

I fete completely what this mysterious relic is. Since this cross is redundant treasured than your cultures, also it’s far our obligation to save it well. Do now not worry. First of all, I want you to honor this. As for what I really want to inform you. I need you to go someplace. Can you speak honestly with me, Osman Bey? Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 7 Bolum 71 Urdu Hindi Dubbed A vill close to the borders of Kestel. It’s hooked up to the İnegöl Tekfur. Everyone within the vill is Orthodox Christian. Still, their situation is depressing. Under the name of duty, they take whatever they’ve in their arms.

Player 1

They indeed immure individuals who need to oppose it and torture them.

I want you to be an attar for the injuries of these oppressed religionists. How can I be helpful to them? I couldn’t indeed guard myself, Osman Bey. Didn’t I simply point out it, pastor? Your soul and you’re sacred also are entrusted to us. Did you suppose I was going to take my hand off you formerly I transferred you there? Don’t worry. My Alps might be with you. They’ll take your protection, don’t fear. I need your presence and your expressions to breathe for the tyrannized there. What do you need me to inform them? The reality. Indeed, the clerk.

I need you to inform me what you’ve been via because you came to Söğüt.

Let’s get commenced with the quick arrangements. Mr. Turgut. The bane must be poured out. No. Hang on. Have a bit of tolerance. Hang on. Are you advanced? I’m stylish. But each time I see a snake, also I see you. You’re in the den of snakes. You do not have any information. Cornelia! Cornelia! You come all of the ways.

Player 2

You owe me every other life. Intricate splendor.

I don’t like being in debt. We can be true. Sir, are you okay? I’m first-class. Sir. Forestall. Help. Dogfaces! Bring the nags! What’s he going to inform you, joe? Osman. He knows that the relic is the cross on which Jesus Christ come crucified. A scrap of the move on which Jesus was crucified. He’ll by no means supply it to us now.

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