Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 152 Urdu Hindi Dubbed HarPal Geo

Hear me, Nicola. Hear me. Who’ll revive you currently, Rome? They entered our lands like this dagger, Nicola. But promise you. I’ll pull them out from these lands. Like I pulled out this dagger Nicola. Nicola. Nicola! Nicola! Dogface! Call a croaker’ Nicola! Nicola, maintain on my buddy. Hang on my friend! Nicola. Nicola Come on! Allah is Everlasting’ Watch out! It’s a entice! Allah is Veracious! What were you doing there? Did we kill him? I couldn’t stick the knife all of the ways in.

Told you now not to come

I want to take my brand logo and combat, die because of this Catch him! It’s me, Osman. Aygul. What are you doing then? I got here then that will help you. There’s not something For you to do then. Go once more Are you hysterical that I’ll die, Osman? Do not be. I am previously lifeless. I’m a soul that Name that will help you. I will no longer cross any No matter what you are saying. Do what I stated, Aygul. Do no longer observe me. I need to help you. Also, do what I stated. Do not observe me, Aygul. As your order, my Bey. Let’s pass. Your eyes killed me, Osman! What can the adversary do to me?

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I grew up by staying Nfor you, Osman.

You cannot certainly certainly help me from the loss of lifestyles on your purpose. I informed you no longer to come again. And you came. You are proper, you probably did. why did you come? Do now not query me, Osman. See me. I am not vintage Aygul. From now on. I need Not come to a height peak I need to be a fatality Nand reach up to heaven. Goktug Make a fireplace. And I will ingrain the crack Nof my uncle’s son Come son, come to My lovely Bala.


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