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To people who are apprehensive (Muslims), accumulating all The facts inside the global could make one e-book. We had been informed to have a look at (Iqra) ( Recite in the Name of your Lord who created) That is why certainly our arrows Ntarget handiest one by one. Our dhikr is one, our research studies are one. And that is what Noakes us undefeated. But you are defeated Osman, you are defeated. Those who take transport of lack of lifestyles as Nshahada, aren’t defeated, Nicola. Our path is wonderful.

And our call is Muzaffar! But you are defeated

You’re defeated. What do you suppose assume you may do by way of using Nsneaking into the fortress-like this’? What needs to have Nhappened? You’re defeated? This Find them! Do now not let them depart the citadel. Osman is escaping! Osman is taking walks down! Nicola; What goes on? There’s combating inside, joe. Osman must have escaped from his ropes. Nicola! Nicola! Nico Break the door! Nicola! Break the door! Nicola! Nicola! Break the door! Nicola! Break the door! Nicola! Catch him! Nicola are you okay? Nicola! Nicola! Damn it, it is not starting off.

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Aygul, get out. Come on! Quick

Osman. Sisters let’s move! Come on! Snappily! We’ll deliver the gold and Nget the captures, sisters. I may be again. When you pay attention to that, Bring a hay caravan to the region I marked. Osman’These video games will cease one Nday, Osman! They will quit! We’ll fight one to 1! The Lion NHunter Flatyos and Black Osman’That day, I promise you. I promise you I’ll take Your liver out and eat it raw! Open the gate! Open it! Come on! Tekfur Nicola is lacking life! Tekfur Nicola is lacking life! What? How need this be?

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