Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 10 Bolum 74 Urdu Dubbed

. In Karahisar Before Ertugrul Bey subdued our regal home My pater worked with a rich decent man He approved of slush. She was accessible to him dependably One day, when effects were going to the megacity the cube was bothered with the item outside. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 10 Bolum 74 Urdu Dubbed The sovereign was incredibly vexed and did him a measureless crude show My pater was tortured in the road My pater, who’s the most perceptive of individualities, was exhausting Until Savsi shows up We have the bolts to insinuate the help of adversaries and enough munitions for the faultless The sharpness of the armament is not sufficient against the brain of the adversary Also we subdued it with our psyches and annihilated their arrangements father Still Yes

Bay we miss the shoot.

We want fire for specific triumphs With your concurrence it’s my obligation to help the military Any contender will battle for his own child first. On the off chance that he can’t beat his haughtiness, his disappointment the fire will not help them Palm is for people who take the necessary way not to struggle with Allah you three are watching the corner. You’re going with me. Remarkable evening Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 10 Bolum 74 Urdu Dubbed. This is our night Drink a piece of our inclined toward water Thank you serve. This is our most energetic day To our triumph! To our triumph! Recovery of Byzantium. To our triumph! I told you not to drink such a lot of Lena Hatun, what might be said about we finish the ginger incontinently Did anybody let you know anything? What

Player 1

That I’m an Orthodox Christian NO

That is the explanation I leaned toward Savsie Bay. You told Nikola the most ideal way of making a catch After this event, Nikola will make a nice bid to spread vile Thank Allah, our race is assured We’ve Erdo╬╣an Bey on our side Our Beides are in their commitments Now everyone needs to deal with their effective noway before Not simply the Beys and the soldiers yet also the women. As you request, my Bay What happed, father? Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 10 Bolum 74 Urdu Dubbed Is there anything you know anyway do not do? I heard Geyhau advancing with his politic He comes to burn-through the Sugut and kill the Kai age In two or three days the catcalls’ bodies won’t be heard, so important With the help of Allah we will oversee it likewise with Bagley and Sputai, the father.

Player 2

You ought to admit how to defer until the chance shows up to fight with your brand,

Osman We really want to shoot a runner to Geyhau whose words are just comparably sharp as the cutting edge If you grant me, I really want to do it, my father I understand every Bey observing a seat at this table can fulfill this task well generally speaking Still I’ll give this bid to Savsi. Leave ahead first light Savsi. As you request, my Bay They struck the ammo first and some time latterly attacked Sogut and they came then to kill our authorities, in our home Osman was missing in both Who do you suppose Ertugrul assigned for this? Guduz or Dadar? Where; None of this is agreeable Savsi. Savsi, eh?

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