Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Let me tune in briefly happed Great Suleiman who controlled the catcalls, the Jinns, people and the breath when he was on a charge when his power could shake the mountains a large number of underground bugs met him While the creepy crawlies were holloing” Run, run, Suleiman’s politic will step on us. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing “Suleiman heard the yells Don’t follow me and my kin! said the bugs easily Suleiman would hear this crying easily, Suleiman will manage the bugs’ advantages

This implausible Suleiman, the violent Suleiman,

the Suleiman who truly centered around the openings of the underground creepy crawlies changed the course of his huge equipped power Indeed the right of a direct underground bug was admired Perhaps it’s principally all the time May you have power continually Be cautious. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing Be aware Don’t neglect to recollect where the power comes from and why it comes noway forget to hear indeed a little creepy crawly Amen Suckers do not pass on Ant sound, tune by yodelers, the roar of the aqueducts bordering nags It’s all from Allah If one harms a being, it hurts Allah all the while

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Kumral Abdal A calm and a peaceful evening, that was it The stars covered me and my pater with compassion Last night I saw my pater From that castigated night where Ertugrul’s soldiers entered Karakahisar royal hearthstone tricky like a snake, calm like a rat It’s the ideal chance for retaliation No truly taking what’s our own, Ertugrul Bey noway again Let’s see how

Ertugrul Bey will save you from the wrathfulness of dark greasepaint Sugut

will be in the disturbance. Put on commodity different. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing Continue on ahead discreetly Throw exactly what will allow you to run from Sugut Put it on the fire and run You’ll each be legends this evening They put the dozing pads in Flatie’s storeroom You’ll be made up for your cooperation in paradise I would prefer not to leave it in paradise. My abecedarian pining is to save us from the

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