Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 8 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

We’ve gone to the race now None of you’ll be just comparably worrisome as you were last time nor will we let the adversary play on us If there was no fight last time we’d not talk in this scene, stock History can not avoid being history and moment can not avoid being moment From now on everyone will know their position You’ll stop when you’re told to stop. You’ll move when you’re drawn nearer to move, Osman Who’ll choose this stock? Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 8 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed My father, Ertugrul and I, as your kin You’re so used to my father’s position It suits you so well So important Never failing me! I’ve no true set up, favor your heart.

The effects I heard and saw are acceptable for me

There were multitudinous people who reverenced this spot They took it with ravenousness, they ended up with unconceivable dissatisfaction It can be introductory Take your hand off, stock Take your hand back, stock! Osman, I’ll not say it again, I said, handle your hand, stock! Noway hit me again. You’re lowered! Take it back! I did not say anything to get it back! What happed then? Mongke. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 8 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed What happed to Monge? Mongke How could you not master a man alone, Kuzgun? How; You had colorful men with you! The stylish officers were under your request! Osman looks like Satan, my Bey Devil; You’re a useless man! What will I say to my father, Arslan? Osman will give us an redundant How; Mongke What happed to Mongke? Talk. My youth Come to be huge Kuzgun Be extraordinary. They killed the canine

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 8

 And they transferred you their great news, my Bey

The existent who transferred his great felicitations in like manner had some significant effect Let’s see what it’s Trap Osman, would he say he’s dead? Assume he’s as of now significant alive now What about Konjung? He’s dead as he should be, yet his downfall will help us more. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 8 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed You have commodity last to do What; You’ll go to Konya, to Geihau He’ll negotiate further awful effects than death Don’t press that he’ll take inconceivable study of You’ll tell Geyhau what came to pass for his youth What happed to Mongke? Osman killed his icons and got his youth Who knows, perhaps he killed him and let the catcalls and doggies celebrate in his body While you’re going to Konya, in Geihau I’ll visit this old wolf Are you OK, my Bay?

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