Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 24 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

So. you have returned. I am happy to see you. How did that heathen release you? The heathens have their own enterprises, Osman Bey Thanks to you, they would not like to make foes from the Bayindurlu clan. They killed my Zulfikar, my intrepid darwish. We addressed a substantial cost. am worried for your mischance, Osman Bey. May he rest in heaven. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 24 Urdu Hindi Dubbing EyvAllah. Allah, though. the sovereign was killed headed to trade and the appearance of Malhun Hatun for reasons unknown. shows that he’s arranging commodity awful. Right,

Umur Bey? I came then to keep an eye on the Hatuns in the clan.

You allowed well, Bala Hatun They were concerned that I was no further? Since I returned. they’re largely fine. We were also stressed that you were in the incarcerations of Inegol rather than with your Hatuns. Since you’ve returned we can relax. MashaAllah. MashaAllah. Both of you presumably missed one another. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 24 Urdu Hindi Dubbingd We’ve conditioning. Important thanks to you for coming. EyvAllah. Umur Bey. Would it be that you can not say, my Bala? I realize you do not believe Umur Bey’s words, my Bey.

Nikola gave him his girl to control Umur Bey.

He needs siblings to battle, he needs Umur Bey to be my adversary. Also, What will you do, my Bey? I’ll watch out for them, my Bala. I’ll watch out for them. Boran and Gonca Hatun are breaking. In the event that we sit tight for a day without any issues, they will not ever get hitched. Truly, my Osman9 Shall we start the marriage arrangements. Indeed. We’ll begin. Boran! Come then. Come over. Indeed, my Bey Why are you making Gonca Hatunwait? Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 24 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Marry her as of now! My Bey, It appears you are not prepared.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 24

Nikola requests 400 ponies But we’ve 100 ponies all effects considered.

We should buy ponies from them. Is it true that we will vend ponies so they can use them to battle us? At the point when the convoy enters Inegol, you’ll be driving it. Stablemen will enter Inegol, alongside the ponies. Nikola can fantasy about assaulting the Turks with the ponies. be that as it may, we’ve our own arrangements. Does not Bahadir say that those separations can not be crossed? Also, at that point, we’ll open the entries from the inside.


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