Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 28 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

We will open the entries and take the palace.

We’ll take the palace Osman Bey longs for. Alaca Hatun. Indeed, my Bey? Set up a decent table. I’ll eat with my daughter Yes, my Bey. It’ll suit you, my Gonca.  Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 28 Urdu Hindi DubbingI wish Selcan Mother was then. Selcan Mother can not come to your marriage, but she may be hanging around for Aygul’s marriage. Who said I would get hitched, Bala Hatun? Who can say for sure? A man may win your love. He can essay. We should move, Hatuns, how about we move. Work for your hands. e have a marriage. This is a round of Nikola and Togay. Their ideal is clear. They need Osman and Umur Bey to battle. Who killed the master, then9 Togay.

He needs Nikola to arrange it. as a trade-off for Umur Bey and Osman.

Malhun Hatun knows. Togay. He repeated the experience. My Bey must not realize I was then. May it be simple. Important obliged to you. my Hanim. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. It’s said that you’re the most remarkable dealer around then. Important obliged to you. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 28 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Vendor Abdul vessel Melik What do you want? We can get anything. I need 100 ponies right away. However, how will you do 100 ponies’? We’ll make an exchange with the Inegol Castle If it’s all the same to you. When will you have the ponies? Offering ponies to the adversaries of Osman Bey. will be vexation for you, and for our purposes, as well.

Episode 28

This is a terrible business. Is it safe to say that you are not a shipper?

The obligation is mine. I agonize, my Hanim. be that as it may, we do not vend live brutes. We aren’t intrigued. In any case, we will keep quiet, my Hanim. A business is mysterious. Great day. my Hanim. It appears to be that Nikola has made an extraordinary arrangement with them. On the off chance that we had given ponies to them. Let’s see where this will lead. I surely know. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 28 Urdu Hindi DubbingOsman Bey and Umur Bey will fight. picked Umur Bey. Do you suppose his concern is with Umur Bey? No, it’s with me. Yet, he does not need my life. He needs the standing of the Kayi Beys. Clearly, he needs the Kayi Bey after you to have no standing. Likewise, to ensure your pater’s will fizzles

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