Buyuk Seljuk Season 2

AlpArsalan Buyuk Seljuks Season 2 Episode 8 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

AlpArsalan Buyuk Seljuks Season 2 Episode 8

AlpArsalan Buyuk Seljuks

Hazal Khatun Chubano is the family of the gallant Sardar of Golari. Did you advance my uncle constantly? Eventually. You on everything. Usman Sahib, remove whatever you lament. Usman Sahib has gotten Hazal Khatun. Enter, probe, and have a ball! What did he do What, AlpArsalan Buyuk Seljuks Season 2 Episode 8 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Mottoes what will do? O individualities. These are individualities who work with the conjurers of the clan. Trickster, kill the betrayer.

Hazal Khatun has been discovered escaping with him.

How might a Hazal lady do that? I’ve planted out with respect to the reason for the death of valuable soldiers and backstabbers of the clan. present day. This is the haziest day for me. The swindler of the clan whom I allowed about my life and liver. My uncle is Dundar. I had said that anyhow of whether the betrayer is my pater, his blood is legal for you. What the practices bear will be finished. There are no double-crossers left in the tribe. AlpArsalan Buyuk Seljuks Season 2 Episode 8 Urdu Hindi Dubbing. Do not bow your head, Eagle woman. Discipline for father’s transgressions. Not given to youths.

You’re the crown of our heads. Bold tone

Advancement for Ballistic Products and an extraordinary deal on a slick little blade for you. Dundar is an uncle. Sibling John, stock John. So how about we start each on. You transferred confidantes to my space to take lodging design papers. Likewise, Uncle Dundar helped you all, is not that right? For what reason was Hazal covering the lady alive? When Dundar’s double-crossing is plant Hazal, who knew it all, demanded to cover the lady, yes? Is not it Usman Sahib, pose an inquiry. So you need to reply. Pope’s spy The direct reason for the death of your whoreson Baihoja. Uncle’s Position Tell you for what reason To a firm mate like this. For what reason should.


I lose As long as he’s alive It’ll be an issue

Turkmen clans. For what reason would it be judicious for me to tell the whereabouts of the trickster Usman Sahib? My inquiry is extremely introductory, Petraeus. You’ll live to work the end of Dundar. Also, you’ll keep on asking for your demise until he’s alive. Also, you’ll go through a ton of difficulties during this time. Will request demise each day now? tell me. Where is Dundar? where is it? Petraeus Tell. Kindly tell whats the tale of them large puppies. Now living or dead is a certain commodity.


Player 3

Usman Sahib, We’ve lost Do not be too stubborn

Dundar Sahib, child of Suleiman Shah. I mean your pater A Qai Sardar. I am from the Choban clan. Try not to be a trickster. You have noway allowed being this clan as your own. You were the person who affected your pater to double-cross. I continued to essay to make him a man. Still, Working like men His girl came … Not himself. My mama’s retaliation is going to do. AlpArsalan Buyuk Seljuks Season 2 Episode 8 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Try not to try and contemplate the finish of that estimation. All effects considered, for what reason would you say you’re standing? Deliver your retaliation Supplicate for Usman Sahib. Assuming it wasn’t so important for their request, your head would have fallen at your bases. ۔
Since I did not cut your neck.

Part 1

Actually like your mama’s cut.

Your stock John’s cutthroat has been identified only you, as the parent can know without mistrustfulness. I do not comprehend I did not see the essentialities of my family. What’s mama How is the pater know nothing I wish I did not have an indication. My mama was killed by this despicable lady named Hazal.

Part 2

I lived under a roof with him for a long time.

What is further, the other existent I remained with in the roof. That’s. They will be killed by Usman Sahib. Being a double-crosser. Verity is told, cercokatai. I know what is new with me. I am with you. I’ll do everything to fulfill you. I realize you’re irate with yourself. In malignancy of the fact that I know the defense for the outrage. In any case, If you need to grease your sadness

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