Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Where would it be a good idea for us to take the lady’s talent? Allow them to take us to the room where Malhun woman will remain, Baysungur. My Osman, you say all is well, so won’t Umur Bey and his clan die? They won’t go, myBala. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbed around also, for the association of the two clans In a request for the two clans to join together, Umur Bey demanded a marriage. What did you reply? We have got a marriage, my Bala. Allow the arrangements to start. You deal with the agreement troop, Gonca. Relax, my Bala. Selamunaleykum my stunner. Also, Aleykumsalam … Osman Bey,

Who demonstrated the value of the Kuta that the Lord,

who made indeed his kin the partial to his kin, managed you. Welcome. Estağfurullah my stunner estagfurullah. No, no, you chose to get hitched to the detriment of disturbing your adored bone by accepting a gravestone with an expression of our own. Just a respectable man who pondered the substance of his clan could make this choice. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. Only a lady who contemplated the substance of that mind would have consented to this choice. You both bleached our appearances. God favors you. God favor you my stunner.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 34

We’ve a marriage service hereafter with the presence

Turkmen respectable men. be recognized. So be it my stunner, so be it. Osman Bey will be the home, the realm will be the state, and the mounts will be the service, I trust. God willing. You say now. What do you want other than that? Our custom is law, our palaces are civic areas and our kin ought to be fruitful, my stunner. The judgment places subdued by Gaza ought to zone. Likewise, our kin ought to be happy with our association. You talked actually, Osman Bey. How would you plan to help Söğüt now? I demanded talented development and structure aces from encompassing civic areas.

They will work fleetly. Mashallah, mashallah

in any case, while doing these, you ought to notice the boons of non-Muslims just as Muslims. It’s realized that the light of the sun is slightly dispersed over every single living thing. You should likewise convey your equity also. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Until-Until our practice resembles the sun, the judgment will illuminate individualities. May the jalopy of apricots sparkle with that sun, may our home be changed into the state. Excuse me, my stunner. We got data from Bilecik Tekfuru Leolaskaris, sir.
He is back where he went. All effects considered I might want to meet him as well.

Kindly forward my proposition greeting.

Important obliged to your joe. Did my greeting go to Sultan Mesut’s emir? Emir Arslan was at that point coming, my sovereign would come. Important obliged to you. Come simply. Come simple. Osman Bey. Virtuousness mashallah you showed a great deal of care. I got it moment, joe. You can buy every one of the vegetables and products of the Göktuğ marriage toy from this juvenile. Your request is my responsibility, joe. Lets! Be Sunday. Lets. My future. Osman Bey, you’re reluctantly entered. You’ve reluctantly entered joe. It’s inadequate to take every one of them. Every one of them?

Have you at any point seen a Turkish marriage?

Particularly on the off chance that you knew whose marriage it was. How could I know? I’ve noway seen a Turkish marriage. You’ll preliminarily bring the wares. Assuming you need, you can remain in the club to help the Kayı youthful ladies. I could not want anything further than to. Relax also, at that point. Stylish of luck. Thank you joe. Another thing I need to see. Important obliged to your joe. My mama’s heritage. My cypress altitudinous mama. He’d pure black hair. You have acquired the two its excellence and the highness of the cypress. I have been your friend since my youth. In the hold, explain to me why you’re mise

I am going to surrender my obligation and my obligation, Alaca able.

I was my pater’s, right-hand man. The sharp pusat of the Kizil bey children. I’ll leave now. Be that as it may, you go to Osman Bey. What your heart wants. To notoriety who has another person in his heart and roof. For what reason would you say you’re stressed? You say I will go. What will I be, quencher? For what reason do we take this Pied?

The lady of the hour can not be without a share.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbed All effects considered, will the respectable man’s girl be helpless? You’ll take me with you, will you? I where you go. Dealing out stirred the dim spirits! The dark pledges are no more! Until we track down the person who twice- crossed Togay, all the nökers will protest the pail! Is it safe to say that you were the Governor Judge’s eyes?

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