Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 35 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Their hearts should be kept pleasant and it should be made to feel that we are always behind them. Gentlemen, right, Sir, Osman. Each of them has a responsibility to his obedience. The situation of the obas is my knowledge. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 35 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Since the day I have been pursuing unity politics, I have thoroughly, researched and figured out what they lack, whatever they have. Their financial situation is not very good. However,

They don’t want to be very obvious because they are proud.

Emmi. Here you are, my lord. Let the sentence give the news to the merchants, sentence to the shopkeepers. If anyone does not come to the gas, you will make up for all their deficiencies. Let me inform the gentlemen and come to my center. Let them see that I am not just calling them for gas. Whatever they have, let’s help them, let’s cover their wounds.

Let them see the strength and benefits of our union.

Let them see that when we say there is gas, they come with love and enthusiasm! My Bala. I heard what was spoken, sir. Are there many martyrs? Victory is Turkish, Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 35 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Muslim, Balam. Our martyrs are in heaven. They are in heaven, of course, my Osman. However, I would also like to do something for those who are left behind. I will be a victim of your benevolent heart. Beech chick.

Who will heal the wounds of the Bala’s chicks but you?

I have seen your services for years. I also saw your childhood. When you were a nasty girl. Your martyred brothers and your mother would tremble on you. And my brothers were martyred. All the burden of Obam was on my shoulders. You have changed. My hands got calluses from hurling Pusat. Maybe my heart too.

Calico chick. Am I arrogant? Could it be arrogant asking this question,

Malhun girl? Would I be unfair to a man who strives for our good? Who do you mean? I will talk about Kayı Bey Osman. We hit a traitor to find the traitor. A man who went to war with both Greeks and Mongolians and thought of nothing but the goodness of his obese

Episode 35

Malhun is because that traitor should not open a business for us.

Who are you girl? Malhun girl, son of the red son, Umur brain. Hope brain girl. We will come to these extreme lands, we will connect our destiny to you. However, ten thousand chief men will come, not the three or five tents you call the Red bey tribe. Can you handle this burden? Let him seek betrayal in your own camp, Osman Bey.

As long as that traitor lives, we will not have unity or strength.

You protected your toe well, Osman Bey! We trusted his word of guarantee. Is that your word? Do not say words that you do not want in anger. My anger is not clouding my mind, Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 35 Urdu Hindi DubbedMr. Osman. It was my confidence in you that shadowed my mind. The mountains we trust are snowy.

it is clear who I will be suspicious of. Don’t you trust my word, Malhun?

Trusting your word, my father is now clawing at his natural death. I understand your anger. However, our enemy is one. Obviously, they want to set us against each other. What kind of trouble did you fall into, Mr. Osman?

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