Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 60 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

I’m mot the one who talks carelessly. You do. Besides… you are also the one who united with Osman… and betrayed us. Tekfurs! I, Saguros… Governor of Nicae Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 60 Urdu Hindi Dubbing  am going to visit to the Kayı tribe. Osman Bey will protect my caravans and my goods. And you… whether it’s difficult… or whether it’s easy… will accept this. This is my final word. In these lands… every throne is concerned, Saguros. Be careful. Goodbye. What are you thinking, my Bey?

How will we surpass the Inegöl border?

There is a solution for every difficulty. I didn’t call Governor Saguros for no reason, Davut Usta. We will enter Inegöl with his caravan. The mine isn’t only for swords. For the conquest of Inegöl… we have to besiege it first. I’m working my target thread by thread. When the time comes… all of it will come to light. Saguros being on our side… will make the Tekfurs fall out with each other. And this… will be useful for us. May I come in, Aygül Hatun?

Look, I’m coming in. Crazy girl. Where are you?

No. Where are you, crazy girl? Why are you dressed like this? I came back from duty. You must’ve lost your tent. What are you looking for here at this time? I was looking for you. Before going back to duty in the morning… but before going I came… I came to see you. While working in the mine in that darkness… I saw this stone. It was glowing in the dark. Then you came to my mind.

You are like this stone. You brighten my darkness.

Cerkutay. Say yes already, crazy girl. Hasn’t the waiting been enough? – Go, Cerkutay. – Just say yes. – No, I won’t say it. – Really? Go on. Then, when that cave falls on me… your conscience will be burning. Then you’ll say: ” Ah, if only I had said yes to Cerkutay…” I won’t say it, Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 60 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Cerkutay. I won’t. You’ve spread mud all over the place! You increased my work for me. Walk! You’ll regret it. Walk. I won’t regret. Go on. Let go of me.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 60

I’ll go. Go on. I’m gone. Crazy. Crazy guy. TURGUT BEY’S TRIBE May I come in, my Bey? Come in. What’s the matter, Cornelia? What are you looking for here at this time? Nothing bad has happened, right? Turgut Bey. I brought you news from Mari. I’m listening. Tekfur Kosses… wants to marry her to Nikola by force. Nikola. When is this wedding? Just tomorrow. Just tomorrow? How soon! Are they in such a hurry? I don’t know, sir. Well, what does she want from me? To save her.

No one but you can help her. Will you save her?

First, I want to know something Your lady, Mari, why does she trust me? When you rescue her, you can ask her this yourself. Okay, you can go. I will inform you of my decision. Okay, sir, with your permission. Serhan, escort Cornelia on the way. As you command, my Bey. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 60 Urdu Hindi Dubbing HARMANKAYA CASTLE HARMANKAYA CASTLE Look at Osman, the nomad. He drew Governor Saguros to his side… and thinks he is trying to spoil our unity.

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