Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 64 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 64 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed The bread is big and the distance is short. What are your doubts, sir? Yannis big bait. Moreover, it is thought-provoking that it comes off so easily. I think a girl like Sofia would never consent to her father’s execution. Their intentions are also clear. Only you know where the treasure is don’t they know that? They know. They know. Because of this, they will throw their claws at Osman. They’re going to want to get in his way to tempt him. Akçam Is Osman executed? Not gone, sir.

My daughter Balam It’s not for the one who gets hurt,

it’s for the heart. The person’s son was born from a blood clot, but he is grateful from the heart. The body is a pearl, the heart is a pearl. The skin is an envelope, the heart is a mazruf. The heart is a vast country of masculinity, my daughter. He is like a herbalist who contains all the healings. If you find justice in your heart you will reach your conscience. If you find knowledge in your heart you will gain wisdom.

So his test with the devil has begun When

out that you are here from Selcan’s wife, he will come to your threshold, sir. He will want to see you. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 64 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed Tell Edebali that Osman wants to talk about an important matter, dervish. Thanks. Mr. Osman! Honey honey. Thank goodness I found you. I was worried when I left without knowing about Oba. Or is your father angry with me? Osman Bey, who was born into it.I came here so that I could kiss your hand.

Episode 64

My father does not turn his back on those

who come to his threshold, Osman Bey. And she’s sorry for what you’ve done. He wishes to guide you. Father praised, he is our light. I didn’t want to grieve.  Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 64 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Do you know why you hurt my father? I know, honey honey. Instead of fighting for justice I tried to be justice. You thought right. He will be glad to come. Hopefully. I hope you miss Bala. Let me see your face let me get a blessing. And I have something to say to him.

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