Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 73 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Let’s follow the same path.

Will never leave My name is Komal Abdal. I am the companion of Usman Sahib. I heard that you too have become friends now. Polo Rogatos. Why are you running away from the fort? Where is Usman Sahib? Have been betrayed Usman Sahib and Koss have been imprisoned. I ran away. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 73 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed Don’t say that don’t say Don’t say God God. Presence.. soldier. Ah, Alam Shah, ah Conspiracies have started again. Conspiracies are being hatched again. Nicola has bought my soldiers together. To my soldiers The one who took Yusuf (as) from prison to the palace. He will definitely take out Usman Sahib too. Shouldn’t stay here Have to hide somewhere You don’t have to come forward. let’s go.

The wolf cannot live in a cage.

We kept trying to save my brother. He threw himself into the well. Don’t murmur Do your thing, well done. Mother Usman wants to kill the minister. In his favor, he was sentenced to death. Do you know what Gundoz is saying? How to hang Execution, yes execution. But wait Let’s see what more trouble Usman puts us in. We are trying to save our brother, to defend him. Waiting for her to take care of herself. Will do no.. Will run into more trouble. The whole world is standing as an enemy of brother, what are you doing? Will you sit down and say bad things to your brother? Mother I have sacrificed myself for my brother’s life. It has been removed from the poppy. Belgian Fortress Work easy The Great Jesus heard our prayers. Usman, the killer of our soldiers, will be hanged in Belgium.

Episode 73

O people Leaders of the ungodly and leaders of the devils

. Usman and his soldiers will be hanged today. Dear children of the great Jesus We will be avenged. Death of Uthman – Let Usman die – Usman’s death – Usman dies – Let Usman die. Command.. There should be no problem. Usman will die here today. Will die sir All the preparations are done according to your wishes. Let Usman die. Get rid of Usman. Dear children of the great Jesus Our revenge will be complete. Usman who killed the soldiers No trace of Rogatos so far? Not found yet. Find Rogatos, Julia. Use every route. The Minister listened. And removed the noose around Osman’s neck. Just look, Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 73 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed The devil does nothing without a reason. Listening to you and forbidding execution? Tell me, what did he ask for in return? What did you give to the minister that he left Usman, Gundoz Sahib? According to the Minister. Now in this region, I will be the handmaiden of Alam Shah. By his order Sardari Jirga will be called. The chief of the tribe is present. Which Sardari Jirga are you talking about? I will not allow that at all. They sat on poppy for a few days. Looks like the owner of the poppy has been forgotten.

But we remind you The poppy you are sitting on belongs to Usman Sahib.

This tribe does not have the strength to withstand another poppy conflict. Sleep with your brother, Gunduz Sahib. And what do you guys want? The tribe is doomed. People go down to the sword? And there is no way. And not just me. I am also angry with Usman. Don’t run In the service of the Sultan. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 73 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed That would not have happened to us. I never knew you My acquaintance Gunduz would never do that. He would have stood behind his brother. Tell me, who is standing in front of me who cannot stand behind his brother? Mom, don’t Don’t you see what Mr. Gundoz is doing for us? I will not allow this tribe to be further destroyed. Now if anyone goes against my word So know that he will be considered as going against the word of Sardar. Gunduz sir Man should take care of his steps.

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