Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 96 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

We’ll meet there. We will go, of course, but what will you do? It is very dangerous, Osman Bey, they look for you everywhere. My path is peace. Don’t worry. Thanks. You’ve never seen anything like this in this land, Nikola. I really didn’t see it so sharp. We will gain a lot in this market. But these are the most important. Why did you come in such a crowd, Gunduz Bey? Is there something we don’t know? We didn’t come to visit, we came to buy the castle Soldiers Don’t I know your wickedness? It means that Nikola has deployed soldiers to the castle Come on, braves Come on, braves Do not put right Selamun aleykum.

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Fortunately, the sultan did not die.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 96 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed My martyr May my Lord bring us together in the Kevser pool. Amine. – Amen. But I swear I will avenge you and our martyrs. Brother, you bravely shouldered the cause of Rights. My lion brother We agree with you. God bless you too Goktug. My brother. It’s also destined to fight with a sword without you. It will be difficult, Göktuğ. Lack of sensitivity pierces my side, brother. We will avenge your brother, Göktuğ. Don’t give a damn, my brother Cerkutay. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 86 With Urdu Dubbed Turgut. – Here you are, Osman Bey, Kosses.

Episode 96

He arranges an ambush in the dervish lodge.

Bre is rogue from degenerate The pain he inflicted was not enough for the games he built, now he sets up a new one. Now it is necessary to report this to Osman Bey. Let me let you know, where would my lord be? Coming from Konya. Thanks. The places where we hide in the forest are clear. I know where to find my master. Storm. Oh, don’t let it be known that the news came from me. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 96 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed This is my secret with you for now. Thanks. Amen Yigit Göktuğ Brother. Brother – Aleykumselam. We heard that Geyhatu has returned. His intention is to dethrone Argun Khan. First of all First of all, he wants to gather power in these lands. True Argun is in preparation for a rebellion against Han. He intends to seize the land and establish a giant army

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