Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 100 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

May Allah have mercy on our martyrs.

I hope you will achieve your endeavors as well. Amin amine, my sheikh, amine. Osman Bey, we had spoken that Alem Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 100 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed i Islam is in separation. And we even saw the difficulties of Muslims in this separation. Now I hear that Turkmen gentlemen have sued different cases. My sheikh Hello! And all right, Mr. Umur. And hello. You are welcome too. You gave honor.

my daughter will hurt her.

I owe you what I’m going to say then, I owe you this pleasure, Estağfurullah, anyone would do the same to me. What was his ace doing, the prime minister, we had a neighbor, Didn’t he take the headquarters with your assignment, but later Yanal Bey did his own duty under his authority, and as a result of our policy to gather the state power in the center, he tk the Seljuk flag to the headquarters, as you said.

These kinds of events We try to establish an ultimate

army so that he can finally find it , we run the finder establishment, while this is the case, whatever you think to do, think about our Sultan department , I was worried that our Çağrı brain would not show consent to this decision, my Sultan Çağrı Bey and my side Albea News Let them come before us listal before they come 1 bowl of honey and 1 bowl of bitter herb Hazrat and tail is yours sultan Where are you baby what have you done do you have this Atabey sunset is going to set so let’s behave and still the valiants are on this side What if I was sick

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he said that Karaca brought up the Byzantine attire

who made a banner She turned it off, but when she caught the end of the rope, she wanted to let go. It means you go, Aslanbay girl, the call comes before you talk like that, come later, 4 swimming pls, India, don’t think about them. That commitment listen well. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 100 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed, your wound is still fresh, I’ll go t. Let me give you a batch of cranberry boil, come on instead of the ant, come on, this is ice. It’s obvious that you’re a traitor, if you want to stay this long, I’ll bury you here t But no one will object because of you.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 100

I wouldn’t have decided or I wouldn’t have either. He was going to join the consultation with us . I heard of your future and oh There are varieties suitable for ambush at maturity. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 100 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed James is not thankfully I don’t know a story comes to be told This is a Weaver He had an apprentice and the master was a master that he bought the fabrics he wove and everyone waited in line for the bow, and he always drew the same gases on the fabrics woven by this apprentice master.

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