Barbarosa Season 1

Barbarosaa Season 1 Episode 23 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbarosaa Season 1 Episode 23

Barbarosaa Season 1 Episode 23 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed You entered without support, Osman Bey. And you can even answer without greetings. But I will answer because I have the answer to be given. Then you say. Shouldn’t the gentlemen help each other in difficult situations? Or do you see that too? I invited to the gas. I take care of the veterans’ rights. Is the Kayı obasi incapable of helping his brothers who come to the gas? Estağfurullah, what kind of a word is that Osman Bey? It is a straightforward promise!

Ertuğrul Gazi is the word of his son,

Osman Bey! Father. Osman Bey said he would do it again. Informally, our enemies will also be loyal to us. Is there any destur, sir? Come in. Sir. From Sheikh Edebali. You tricked me. Barbarosaa Season 1 Episode 23 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed You threw me into Togay’s lap. Thank you that you are alive, Mr. Dündar. Since you know Osman’s intention and didn’t tell us, you are not with us. Suleiman,

I’m tired of your betrayals and your games!

I would like to take what I am entitled to and live in peace in my land. I’ve done what you said until today, now it’s your turn. So, Dundar is in the fight with the stripped post. Osman will die either you will be with me or you will die with me! Then we can talk and solve this issue, Mr. Dundar. Sister who gets up in anger and sits down with harm. Tell me,

what do you intend to do? Families of martyrs

wait for you at the inn. You can expect news from me. Neither Nikola nor togay are going to finish this job with the three of us. You can expect news from me. Will we trust him? Until the day i killed we will pretend to be.  Selamun aleykum. And Sir Osman. Barbarosaa Season 1 Episode 23 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed You’re here, you honored. Estağfurullah my sheikh. You called me. I came as soon as possible. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

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