Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 107 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Full HD

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 107 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Full HD Come on! Come on! Come on!Spread!He is wounded! He can’t be far! Spread!I need to go somewhere.The mine…To the mine.To the mine.To the mine.To the mine.To the mine. You cannot even guess how much I am sorry to see you here for such a reason.It can be seen in your face how much you are sorry.Don’t tire yourself in vain.I am really sorry.Because I believe that Osman Bey is innocent.But why such a person like Osman Bey……tries to rebel before denying the crimes laid on him.

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If my Osman did not have a plan

would he go with that evil vizier’s men?He must have a plan.First things first, I will go to Konya to speak with Sultan Mesut.We need to talk what really is going on.Until we learn what’s really going on, the enemy will attack us thinking that Kayi is leaderless.But Osman Bey will find a solution for this too.Kayi can’t stay without a leaderless. Patience, oh Allah.Vizier Alemsah is coming.Mari! My dear wife.You look better this wa The clothes Turks made you were terrible.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 107 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Full HD You looked like a shepherd.But now, look at you.You are like a real princess.What makes people strong and honorable is not what they wear Nikola.Osman and Turgut, whom you couldn’t defeat take their strength from here.But you don’t have that.You won’t be that man you always wanted to be.Where are you right now Mari?In my castle.You are with me.Those men whom you call strong……I took you from there without them noticing.This is power, do you understand?

Episode 107

You’re right old woman.There’s no point in wasting time.

If Osman Bey is not here at the moment……someone has to sit on the lead.That someone is…..Gunduz Bey.As my Sheykh said……Osman Bey is alive.We don’t need anyone else.We’ll talk about that when the times comes Vizier Alemsah.It’s not necessary now.I can see you misunderstood my words.My words are not a request…..it is an order.Inegol Castle.I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you.I’ll kill you.I’ll kill you. How could you do this?What did you think, Mari?That I was really in love with you?


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