Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 109 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Full HD

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 109 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Full HD I took’anjaoly oath together with the Tekfurs on our unity.’I took’arT holy’oath together with the Tekfurs on our unity.I took an holy oath together with the Tekfurs on our unity.But the treachery of bastard Nikola revokes my oath now.The desire for revenge has made you work with us, Kosses.It has, my Osman Bey.But don’t forget, it will last until the end of Nikola.If you say so.Eyvallah.But..But…..don’t try to do something behind me by alleging revenge.Don’t worry.I’ll only scheme for the ones harming me.You can be at ease.I am always at ease.Both in game and trap.Don’t you worry.But…y * ~ v ‘’•f s…what Twant to say is that……what I want to say is that…..what will be on the stalls are my people’s goods.And there will be also your goods. I don’t want them to be damaged.

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The bazaar, which will be set up in Inego

Kosses.We will destroy that bazaar.And what do you want from me?Your goods are also going there.Your goods are also going there.The car carrying those goods will take Alps and the oils, which will be used to burn the stalls.We will burn all of those stalls.A tekfur, who is helpless to defend his own people and lands……can’t host such a bazaar.And then?When Vizier has no choice, he will set up the bazaar in Harmankaya.

Episode 109

You made a good plan.But neither Vizier nor

Nikola will never want that the bazaar is set up in Harmankaya.The bazaar will not be set up in Harmankaya but in a much better place, in Bilecik.Of course, I will also explain them the reasonable points about setting up the bazaar in Bilecik.And what about Rogatus?Can you convince him?In order to take my revenge from Nikola, I can even convince Sheytaan himself.EyvAllah.EyvAllah.The bazaar will be set up in Bilecik.You will face with Vizier.And I will end that bastard Nikola……who tried to kill my Mari. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 109 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Full HD It means we will both get what we want.Mari is with us.It looks like you realized your mistake and stopped.Mari……we need to get the permission of your brother.With the order of Allah…..and with the words of our great prophet Mohammad PBUH……I ask your sister Mari’s hand……in marriage for my brother Turgut.With one condition.The wedding will be held in Harmankaya.Eyvallah.It will be in Harmankaya.

Then I……allow my sister Mari to get married with

Turgut Bey.Eyvallah.Eyvallah.Mari.Brother.My dear.I always wanted the best for you, you know that right?After they are burned……you can’t stay here, all gazes will be fixed upon you.That’s why, I will host you in Harmankaya.When we take care of Inegol…She is my companion Zehra, my Sheykh.One of the hatuns of the tribe.Sheykh Edebali!When we were here, Osman slipped past my soldiers……and took his alps and left.Did you know about that?My soldiers say that they passed out…Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 109 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Full HDafter drinking the sherbet given to them by an ahi.You acted unjustly.Without a reason……you imprisoned the alps.Osman Bey……served justice, and I stood by his side.

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