Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 115 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 115 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 115 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed Lions!-I know where the passage is.-Let’s get out of this chaos.-Come on!Come on!This way.Come on. Come on. Come on.Come on.MashAllah, warriors! Thank Allah, mother! Mother!Mother! Mother, no! Malhun!Bala!Soldiers! We retreat!Who are you? Reveal yourselves!It is obvious! You are sided with Haqq!Mother! Mother! Mother!-Mother get up!-Mother!Mother!She is alive! She is alive!Come on! Let’s go! Come on Mother! Mother hold on! Don’t leave me alone!Mother, come on!May your arm be always strong, Boran Alp.Battlefield saw the real bravery.We are sided with Haqq, thank Allah.Eyvallah.Stop right there!What do you want!?I need your help.Shut up! You are just a snake that helps another snake! Why do you need my help?Julia.She will attack the hatuns, we need to stop her.What kind of ambush are you luring me into!?You have not turned back from your previous mistake! Why would I believe you now?

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The offer those two old men presented me seemed like an opportunity but the devil

Geyhatu is involved in this. I have to have eyes on the back of my head .Or else my back.My back would turn into a target board, Julia. Geyhatu You seem to know h well Tekfur Nikola.Hepinizi gebertsem If I kill you all…If I kill you all Okay, let’s find him. Come on .Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 115 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed Hey, Turgut!Vizier Alemsah!You can’t even die with your honor intac t.You just run away like a r at.But I’ll find you no matter where youThe go.Alps!Leave no stone unturned. He must have left a trace behind.My Bey! There’s no trace of him outside. But Geyhatu…Geyhatu is blockading the inn.What are you talking about?! Damn it! What is Geyhatu doing here ?This is not good, Osman Bey.

Episode 115

Turgut!Attack!Come on!Don’t let them run away!

Do not let them run awaCome on Hera.Be careful Goktug!I can see nothing!Osman took my brother from me.And I will take his Sheykh from him!I’m coming my Sheykh!Dervishan! Defend your Sheykh!Hold on, my Sheykh!Don’t leave Oguz in the darkness!Hold on! Hold on!Allah guide us!Soldiers!Attack!Retreat!Tell Osman that until I get my sister back……I’ll hurt many more people!Sheykh Edebali.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 115 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed Sheykh Edebali, are you okay?The roads might be dangerous.My soldiers will take you somewhere safe.And I’ll bring a doctor.-You know where you should take them.-I know.I’ll let Vizier know.Our game worked.The gunpowder we got in Sogut.You will use it when it is needed.

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