Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 & Bolum 89 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 & Bolum 89 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 & Bolum 89 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing Soldiers! God saves us all. Run! The arrow came from that direction! Run! TWO DAYS BEFORE May it be easy. Malhun Hatun. What is up? Where are these rugs going?  We are taking them to Harmankaya, Ayse Hatun. Why are you going to the infidels personally? Let them come and take it themselves. It is Osman Bey’s order. They are not going there in vain, Ayse Hatun. Keep your eyes peeled. Keep your eyes peeled. We are not going there to deliver the rugs. We are going to learn everything that is happening in Harmankaya. Eyvallah. It is time for conquest now, Aygul. It is time for conquest now, Aygul. Let’s go and conquer the castle of infidels from the inside. Let’s do it. Come on. May Allah protect you. Come on. Go and return safely, InshAllah. May you have a safe journey, InshAllah. Eyvallah.

Kayi Bey Osman Bey is here.

I’m grateful to you for accepting my invitation, Osman Bey. You invited us, and we came. It’s in our traditions, we did not want to come empty handed. Theodor. God damn it. God damn it. What have you done Osman Bey? You will not die…..before you live this indescribable pain I’m feeling Osman Bey. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 & Bolum 89 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing I wanted you to see the truth. The truth lies on this table you wanted me to kneel on. Those who defy Osman Bey cannot keep their heads intact. Look carefully. You wanted to destroy me and many Turkmens through trade. Turks are not united through gold, so they won’t fall without it. II’ll trade blood for bloo

The trade of Kayi is about to stop.

And our caravans keep flowing to Bithynia. To the unity of the noble Tekfurs of Bithynia. And to the fact that we will be able to take the priest finally. And to Osman’s defeat. They want to break us. My Bey, the situation is obvious while the people are in a dire situation……what we need to do is obvious, right Osman Bey There is good in peace. What we need to do is obvious, brother. We will accept Rogatus’ invitation. But Boran.-My Bey. Let them know that I’ll attend. As you command, my Bey. My Sheykh.

Episode 89 Player 1

Let’s get out of this first. Then, we can talk later.

I want both that insolent shepherd and traitor Kosses!I want them now! Go after them!Qok inat^isin Osman…You are so stubborn, Osman.Ama sonunda dleceksin. But you will die in the end. Alps, stop.We break up now.We should take different road so that it confuses the and we can gain time. Then, we meet up in Baspinar safe and sound, InshAIlah.InshAllah, my Bey.Kosses, you also go with them.I’ll come after you later.No, Turgut Bey. I won’t leave you.If we take different paths, they break up and diminish in number.Our chance of surviva will increase.The time is short, Kosses.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 & Bolum 89 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing Alps! Shine in these border lands, like a wild stallion!I bear witness that there is no god except Allah…And I also bear witness that Mohammed is His servant and prophet.Turgut Bey! Are you late for somewhere

Player 2

We have unfinished business.You are a coward.

You are so scared of me that you can’t face me alone you come at me with your dogs.Turgut, you think you are so important.You are just a bug that I will crush.You crossed the line, and I got mad. That’s all.Come at me!Yes, Turgut Bey!As you see, I am standing and you are on your knees.I am on top, but you are at the bottom.You are no different than a snake Nikola. Even if you climb on top, you do it by crawling!But I am an eagle!Even if I fall, I fall while I am flying.For a shepherd, these are fancy words Turgut Bey. Bravo.Bravo.If you are an eagle and your wings are broken and also if you are alone, Turgut Bey……then you will be food for those snakes

Your end has come.Time for your death has come

Turgut Bey.If we die, we become martyrs Nikola.We do not feel sorry, we do not fear for our lives.Only Mari..My dear, my hatun…Leaving her behind…..there is nothing else. Do what you want! there^is’ nothing else?’ Do what you want!You ignoble bastard Nikola!Damn bastard who betrayed me! Did you think you could get away!?Kosses!Traitor Kosses!If I killed Turgut and left you alive, I would be sad. I am glad you came here!I know about your devilish plans you bastard!, Harmankaya Castle is too big for you, did you hear me!?I told you not to follow me, but I am glad you did.

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