Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing I would like to come too. You make your preparations. Sir. The roads are kept with broken fences. Tekfurs have also heard that you will reach the governor . And Malhun Hatun also comes. I fear that you will fall into a treacherous ambush. Our Pusad has been beaten with temper and watered with the blood of traitors, Bala Hatun. We will overcome everything with my Bey, evelallah. Sir. What about the safety? Aykurt. It is Osman Beyim’s command, you should put your shoes on. Tomorrow we will pass through Kızılhisar roads to İznik. That location is hard rocky. Thanks. Aykurt, oh my. Keep your mouth tight.

Thanks. My Orhan is entrusted to me, Malhun Hatun.

Don’t worry. God bless you, Bala Hatun. May you exist, my Bala. be there. [Is there a destur, sir?] Let him come. I thought she would like you, my lady. Then let me start the preparations, Osman Bey. I’m going to go the other way. So how will these angels of death infiltrate the Kayi tribe? Dodurgali. This is a Turkmen merchant. He will take oil to Osman’s room. I understand now. In the meantime, our beautiful angel will take our trust. By killing every Turk who comes across it! So what will this be? Nothing. Simple poison. If it is not intervened for a while, it will die. Very nice. Very nice.

I want you to use this when you bring death to Osman’s obsession.

As you wish. Goktug? Here you go, sir. Are the horses hoofed? It crashed, sir. We will take the Kızılhisar road. The news that we will go to Iznik for Kefer has already spread. He thinks he is playing a game, my master will break it. Lets! There is no time to lose. Lets! They are riding the horses they love so much to their deaths , they don’t know. Not just Osman. We will destroy them all, Anselmo. Today, these lands will be watered with Turkish blood. Have no doubt. Come on, Osman Bey. Come! You just have a look. It’s your command, sir. It’s your command, sir. That. That. Give it water. Osman! Mahlun! Mother! No, I hope so, my daughter. Are you okay? I am good. But I have a bad feeling. God bless you I hope.

Osman! He’s also full. Why doesn’t he sleep?

Mister! Mister! Alps! Osman! Sir. Attack! Allahu Akbar! Osman! God, protect my children. Osman! Bad dog! Let me see, come, come! Finally! Finally! Mister! Die now! Die now! Be! They hunt the coyote lurking on the road one by one in the forest! We are retreating into the forest! Osman! Don’t let it get away. Osman are you okay? Osman. Don’t miss out! Follow! Lets! Come on Malhun! Are you okay bro? My wound is fine, Boran. But I am not well. Let it be forbidden to be good to me without killing those who set this treacherous ambush on us. Evalallah brother, evalallah. But we will find my master.

Here they come. Are you sure it’s them Rogatos?

Aren’t they Turkmens? Dear Tekfurs! We are ready to enter the chamber. What about poison? It’s ready as you ordered. It will be the end of every Turk I come across. As far as I can see, you have completed your preparations. Certainly. He will accompany you in the restaurant. Then all that remains is to collapse into Osman’s obsession like a nightmare . Mr. Turgut. Mari what are you doing here? I am here at the request of my brother, the ultimate Koses. What did your brother want? He couldn’t come, did he send you? Is he that afraid of us? Nhai Koses is not afraid of anyone, Turgut Bey. As for my reason for coming… Are you okay, Osman? I’m fine I’m fine. Alps. Alps. The Alps left their mark.

Player 1

Yasarlar Mahlun. they live. I hope we get closer, my Osman.

Mashallah my valiants. Masallah. Lets. I didn’t realize it when I first came, your tribe is quite small. Small. Osman Bey’s oba is quite magnificent. It’s in order compared to yours. Oh, you Byzantines.  Straight to the point, Mari. What did you come to say? We want this bloody enmity between us to leave its place to an agreement that will please all of us, Mr. Turgut. My brother wants to trade with you. So you and your little tribe will win, too. Does he want to be friends with us after so much blood has been spilled? I suggest you forget the past and start again stronger , Mr. Turgut. It’s my fallen alps that you say forget because it’s past

Then let’s go back to the camp quickly, sir.

No, there are many trustees of the tribe. We will go to Iznik. But first of all, it is necessary to find the alps safely. In this state, sir? You got up, but you’re not well. I will not go to that camp empty-handed. People expect good news from me. Fine, but what will we go with, sir? Big forest. We will find it, Malhun. We will find it. Cankutay. Yigit must have thought of something. Lets. What did you do bro? Did you find a trace? If we can’t find our master, he will find us, brothers. Lets. My crazy brother. Well done Rogatos Your carpenters really did a great job.  Now all that remains is to confiscate those trade cars in order to enter the Kayi tribe . It was the duty of your beautiful angel. Do you think they succeeded?

Kurulus Osman 90 Player 2

Let’s go then! Lets! Lets go! -Sir. -Cankutay! stop!

Let me wrap that wound. The big wound is where it cannot be wrapped. Sir. You will die spilling your blood. Cankutay does not die! He never dies before he finds his brain! God’s crazy! -Sir. -Cankutay! They may want to take advantage of Osman’s absence. Our enemy is not one. Take the precaution, my Gunduz. Mother, you should not worry. The Alps are unbelievable. We are here too. You keep your heart at ease. No one will be alive. I work for Rogatos, you know. You will survive because you will be of use to us. Rogatos and Koses are waiting, hurry up! Lets! Yeah yeah! Slow, slow, slow. Despite all these precautions, they set up an ambush on our way. There is obviously a traitor in our camp.

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