Kurulus Osman Episode 123 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Episode 123

Kurulus Osman Episode 123 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing. You make your arrangements. Sir. The streets are kept with broken wall. Tekfurs have additionally heard that you will arrive at the lead representative . What’s more, Malhun Hatun additionally comes. I dread that you will fall into a tricky snare. Our Pusad has been beaten with temper and watered with the blood of double crossers, Bala Hatun. We will conquer everything with my Bey, evelallah. Sir. What might be said about the security? Aykurt. It is Osman Beyim’s order, you ought to put your shoes on. Tomorrow we will go through Kızılhisar streets to Iznik. That area is hard rough. Much appreciated. Aykurt, goodness my. Keep your mouth tight.

Geyhatu is amped up for his military coming soon

and says he will assume command over all of Anatolia. Vizier says Mesud can follow through with something, but Geyhatu asks him not to stress. Meanwhile, a Mongolian fighter says that they couldn’t kill Nikola. Geyhatu blows up with this news and says he will begin the assault. Geyhatu requests that Gunduz adhere to their Kurulus Osman Episode 123 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing understanding and send warriors. Osman discusses the palaces that the Mongols obliterated previously and says that Nikola ought to accompany the Turks.

Boran tells that Julia is close to the clan and can go after whenever.

Turks and Byzantine troopers start to get ready together. Gunduz orders that the gathered expense be given to the Ahis. Konur meets with Osman and says that Geyhatu will go after the insubordinate Turks. Konur proceeds to talk and discovers that Gunduz will send warriors to Geyhatu. Osman says that now Gunduz needs to pay for what he did. geyhatu sees a Mongolian shaman playing out a custom and kills him. Turgut begins to stand by in the backwoods with the entire armed force. Turgut discovers that Geyhatu is in the woodland with the Vizier and postpones his choice to assault. Cerkutay gets into the shaman garments and goes among the Mongolian officers. Cerkutay implores with the warriors.

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Episode 123

From here on out, you are liable for the wellbeing of our convoys.

It will go through your territory. They will be your obligation. Obviously, we will be more liberal than anticipated in light of the fact that we are experiencing the same thing. The endurance of our arrangement relies upon how liberal you are, Koese. Anything we gain from each troop that shows up securely is a large portion of yours. It’s a sensible proposition. I could never have acknowledged any less. I accept this as yes. Together we will become more grounded. I’m so happy we concurred. I’m a fine man assuming that you’re with me , Koses. However long you don’t remain before me. Best of luck to everybody then. I trust. Nicholas. Welcome, Osman Bey. I realized you were coming. We appreciated it. We were gladly received, however we thought we planned to meet with Governor Manuel. The ruler excused themselves.

Kurulus Osman 123 Player 2

They attempted to obstruct our direction

Nonetheless, we have expressed that the mountain doesn’t bow before the stone. Nicholas trapped our direction. Despite the fact that they realized you were coming to Nikeya? What self-importance is this? The hostility of the Tekfurs isn’t covered up. Be that as it may, you must protect the streets. Luckily, luckily, they wrongly picked us up. We killed every one of the Catalans. Your way is protected. Kurulus Osman Episode 123 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing I don’t believe you’re here to clear Nikeya’s streets.

Warriors, take out Governor Sagaros. Warriors!

Your dedicated warriors, yet everybody in the city of Manuel is presently under my order. You were my companion. Companionship surrenders to avarice. You wouldn’t venture to such an extreme as to desire the ruler’s lofty position . This isn’t genuine. You made it happen, you tricked the Emperor. The ruler trusts it. Much thanks to you for coming and failing to remember all the obnoxiousness we went through . Mr. Turgut. Nothing is neglected, Koses. Mari knows. I thank you for my Obama. Also, the sentence is for Turkmen. At the point when you settle on a concurrence with us , you will have Osman Bey before you.

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