Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 128 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 128 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 128 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing It was me that killed your mother Maria.It was me who burned down the tribe.Your.daughter, whom you thought was dead, is watching you right now.And she is waiting for the moment to get rid of Seljuk!Thank Allah!Catch the gladiator! He was Alparslan!Yannis!Yannis! » ‘Yannis!TrapMy Atabey! Are you okay?I’m fine. I’m fine.Oh Allah, in the name of Allah, the merciful, the beneficent.The infidels are coming, Atabey I’m sure it’ll be the most precious piece of your collection……after it’s smeared with the dirty blood of S.eljuk.With my own hands…How did Alparslan infiltrate into Vaspurakan in spite of all of the precautions?Somebody mush have helped him.But who?Traitor!Traitor!You are the traitor who let Alparslan come in!We’ve arrived, my Bey!Come here!Allah is the Greatest!We need to go to our Sultan right away.Let’s go!Alparslan.You are lying.Ifjyou can’t prove what you say, I’m going to kill you!Don’t deny it!I saw everything with my own eyes!You attacked me in the dungeon!

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Well, the imagination of a child.

Even being the dust on the feet of his horse is an honour for us……let alone being like him.My Sultan, we got word. Alparslan Bey…..saved his Atabey Hasan from Vaspurakan, from the infidels.They are about to reach Rey.Elhamdulillah.Until I drown Alparslan in his own blood……his soul will never find peace.May God forgive his sins.I know you’re the one who told the Emperor about Yannis.You shouldn’t focus., on me, General.You should focus on Alparslan…..who caused Yannis’ death.Don’t deny it.The messenger who sent the letter told me in return for a pouch of gold.What I want to know is……how you know that Yannis caused the massacre.People talk for much less than a pouch of gold General.Selikos……wasn’t loyal to Yannis as you thought.You sh’e’iul’d’ve told me whaiwy^au knew…..not to the Emperor.You’ll go back to Constantinople.No one can make me leave……Vaspuraka…if I want to stay..No one.I know you wanted to give the head of the Seljuk captive……to the Emperor and fool’-him.I know yod did this for Princess Evdokya.And I’m sure that the Emperor……would love to listen to’ th is.Are you threatening me?

This is just my leverage.General.

Years ago, you and I……made an agreement……to unite our states….to unite our states.Now……why don’t you follow our agreement brother?With my order……I made Alparslan and Suleyman start a fight.You know that the king always does what’s best for his people in his every move.You know that the king always does what’s best for his people in his every move.But….the heir to the throne, Alparslan……defied the orders and put the state in a rough spot.Alparslan Bey and Atabey Hasan are here my Sultan.Let them in.Check…Those who defies rules and orders hold their head high……like a horse with no gag.Just like you Alparslan.A horse with no gag……has its head up high because it’s proud.But the traitors wouldn’t know that Inal Bey.What’s wrong Kunduri?

Everyone knows that you were together with governor

Yannis in the dungeon until the last moment!Maybe you are the traitor, Silikos You are putting the blame on me We couldn’t find anything on him, sir.Search Silikos.You are not believing this traitor’s word, right general?”For me to enter the castle disguised as a soldier…”Alparslan sneaked into the city disguised as a soldier!Jesus Christ!Alparslan was right in front of us!You placed that note on me in the dungeon!You lured me to a trapI’m going to kill you!Betrayal……can only……be cleansed with blood!Esteemed Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 128 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing Tekfur

Kurulus Osman 128

Alparslan escaped.And revenge is marked with blood!I

swear on our Great Lord…..that I’m going to……drown Alparslan in his own blood!PCY §eHPIYou called for me……my Sultan.Sultanhood……is only something bestowed upon us by the lion of Horasan, Cagri Bey, brother.If you call me here, thinking that I’m a lion……then you should know that this old lion has no strength left in his claws.Someone who comes from the lineage of the lions, is a lion even when he is old, brother.When I was a child, when you returned from raids, on your horse……with a sword in your hand, you looked like……the lion of Great Allah, Hadrath Hamza, which grandfather Seljuk told us stories about.

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