Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 130 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 130 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 130 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing That infidel disappeared.I will rip his head off.I will crush that snake’s head!You should rest first.Your wound should heal.My wounds won’t heal before…..I wash m.y weapon with his blood, father.They won’t.Patience, son.Patience.Tell me.Did you catch Kekavmenos?My bey, Shahzade Hiimam…We found his dead body among the armed men who attacked us.Why would a Ghazni shahzad …shield that snake at the cost of his own life?

Thank Allah that our great Allah bestowed us the victory.

Now…I, the Sultan of the Seljuk state……the son of Mikail, Sultan Mohammed Tugrul…My order is that……when the the command of Allah comes true……the one who I assign to take my place as my .heir……and whom I expect to be obeyed by everyone in thismoom……is the son of Cagfi Bey……Mohammed Alparslan.I will always be honored for you considered me capable for such a blessed duty……throughout my life.However…..you should pick another heir, my Sultan.Because I can’t be the heir.What..What are you talking about my dear nephew?What do you mean you can’t be the heir?You are not at the age that you can think it is a game.My Sultan.

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Episode 130

You know, Maria was sure…..that you would kill her without hesitation

, when I gave her this order.I am very lucky to have such a loyal man. I was so afraid that you wouldn’t make the sign.And I was scared that you wouldn’t see it.And I was scared that you wouldn’t see it.You told me that he could test us one day, like how he does with everyone else.You were right.Our Sult’an makes him the heir……but our Bey does not want the throne or anything.What is this?Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 130 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing H’o.w can I know?How can I know?This is not something we have seen before. I can’t say anything.This is not something we have seen before. I can’t say anything.Ours is the easiest job in this matter.Wherever our Bey goes, we will follow. There is nothing to think about.People grow up with what he has given up on

Player 1

Forgive me. But I can’t be your heir.

Because I want to renounce all my rights that I have with my affiliation……with the blessed state of Seljuk.From now on, for I will also renounce my rights of Melikhood…..it is impossible for me to become your heir.Do you think it is a game, Alparslan?How could you demand breaking up with the dynasty?How could you even say such a thing?My Sultan.The state of Seljuk has given up……on the campaign of Vaspurakan in order to protect our people and our musjid……where your name is echoed.But this agreement is between the Seljuk state and the ones subject to it.I will not stop untilI bury Kekavmenos……and take the lands of Vaspurakan, where my mother’s blood was spilled.For this reason, in order to prevent……any possible responsibility from holding over Seljuk state……I will leave my heirdom and keep fighting as an untitled warrior.

And my only wish from our great Sultan is that……you let me do this and dismiss me from the dynasty

The gathering is over.Dismiss the court.You are the great one, my Allah.A soldier cad only be this much loyal, Alpagut.You have passed the test of loyalty.Alpagsut…\•…is a traitor-; Maria.This is not possible, father.Everyone can be a traitor but AlpagutI killed Selikos for I thought he leaked information to Alparslan.But that coyote can learn about the ambush I set for him before it happens.H.uh?I don’t know how Alparslan know such things.There is only one thing I know and that is Alpagut never betrays you.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 130 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing So you are that sure ‘beautiful Maria, huh?I will ask Alpagut to kill you.Kill me?You.I am sure Alpagut will carry out your order without hesitation, father.We will see.My beautiful Maria.When I call you, wear an armor under your clothes.And come to where I tell you.

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