Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles Don’t So, you would rather not kick the bucket, huh? But, in my tore… … there is no benevolence for the oppressors! Run! Rapidly! To the Vizier’s room! My Bey! Allow us to kill them! Alps! Try not to kill your siblings! Never! My Bey, we don’t kill our siblings yet they don’t quit coming even with our beating we giving! I’m happy that our Bey’s move worked. Or, we’d be invaded with soldiers. Even this makes our really buckle down more than enough! My Bey! Osman will make the ones who did this compensation, mother! He’s giving them what they merit now in the inner. He’s giving them what they merit now in the inn. If Osman’s arrangement worked, he would have taken care of Vizier by now. But in the event that his move in the cemetery doesn’t work the motel will be loaded with soldiers.

Then, we’ll proceed to take Osman Bey.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles Mother, you are fine, say thanks to Allah.Mother, you are fine, say thanks to Allah.Thank Allah.Thank Allah, I am fine. Osman? Is there any report from Osman? We’ll get uplifting news InshAllah, mother. Selcan Hatun, you are fine, express gratitude toward God. Selcan Hatun, you are fine, express gratitude toward God .She’s fine. She’s balance e.My mother is a tough lady. She is Selcan Hat un!

Episode 91

The proposition those two elderly people men introduced

me appeared to be an open door however Satan Geyhatu is associated with this. I must have eyes on the rear of my head .Or else my back.My back would transform into an objective board, Julia.$6 ‘Geyhatu… You appear to realize h well Tekfur Nikola.Hepinizi gebertsem… If I kill all of you… If I kill all of you… B0tun Okay, we should track down him. Come on .Hey, Turgut!Vizier Alemsah!You couldn’t kick the bucket with your honor intac t.You just take off like a r at.But I’ll observe you regardless of where youThe go. Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 91 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing  Alps! Leave no stone unturned. He probably left a follow behind.My Bey! There’s no hint of him outside. Be that as it may, Geyhatu… Geyhatu is barricading the inn.What would you say you are discussing?! Damn it! Why is Geyhatu here ? This isn’t great, Osman Bey.

The uplifting news will come soon InshAllah.

The uplifting news will come soon InshAllah.InshAllah.Get free of them now so we can deal with Vizier. My Bey! They should be the last troopers in Sogut !Osman won’t wait, we should watch out. You will set up a protected room inside this room .An asylum behind the divider, with all things required insid e.It won’t need anything.As you order Vizier Hadrath.CerkutayMy B ey.Tie them up!As you order my Bey.As you order my Bey. Please! Please !You battle well Kisses! See, there is one better than me.MashAllah.You are our ally for the present, however assuming you stand against us later on, you will see what happens then.Eyvallah. Kutan, Serhan, come on bold ones, tie the warriors up.

As you order my Bey .Osman Bey, for what reason aren’t you killing us?

I could never kill Turk troopers that are deceived by a deceiver to accept that they are battling for the state. My concern is with the Viziers that have wandered a long way from the way of the Haqq. That Vizier sells out the Sultan, you will see that as well .But… ..for the time being, your lives are under our consideration. Yet, I believe you should remain pu t.Eyvallah Osman B ey.Stay put.CerkutayWe won’t kill you, however don’t feel that we won’t beat you. We won’t kill you, yet don’t believe that we won’t beat you .We will leave before dawn. Above all, I will deal with Vizier Alemsah .If we can’t leave… … you know what to do.My Bey, the vizier is gone.What are yosaying appsps! Remain with tsoldierier!You got away from like a snake, huh! He wouldn’t bounce down when he was injured, right ?If he had, we would be checking out at his cadaver now

So he is being careful, huh?- Baysungur!-

My Bey.Se curve around the motel for follows.- Cerkutay!- My Bey. Search each corner! Come on!C ome on! No errors !This time, there will not be any mistakes!None!Didn’t the Tekfur slee p?Sleep, Julia?My palace was given to that bonehead Gunduz. Two elderly people men are providing me orders. What’s more, you’re discussing rest. In the event that I was a simpleton, I would rest .And that is a maybe.I thought your collusion with the Vizier fulfilled you .When the Vizier required me

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