Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 139 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 139 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 139 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Ruler I can’t track down any word to say… If Batur Bey isn’t involved… … then, at that point… … we have been deceived by the unbeliever Byzantines.We will do what’s necessary.But… ..assuming I have been visually impaired… Your, main reason is… … not having the option to see it?My Sultan… … I would forfeit myself… … for the incomparable Ghazna State.But… … I am not… … a double crosser as Batur Bey implied.If there is a bad behavior here… … it probably happened in light of being visually impaired while… … really buckling down for the prosperity of my state.I know Bozan very well.He will cheat in the exchange business.We know whom he will share the benefit.

Excuse me my Sultan even a Turk youngster

wouldn’t utilize a blade made of this… .even a Turk kid wouldn’t utilize a sword made of this.I trust Ghazna state didn’t lose much with this.What’s the cost paid from the depository for this trade? How much did you pay Byzantine? My Sultan… … 2 chests of gold.2 chests worth 5 thousand denars.Call the depository official right away What’s Alparslan Bey’s objective, my Bey? It’s conspicuous Alparslan Bey is planning’something.It’s been some time since General Dukas left the castle.And Diyojen isn’t back yet.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 139 Urdu Hindi Dubbing ‘One of the unbelievers is here. Where is Dukas? Since Diyojen went alone, and returned alone… … then, at that point, clearly something’s off-base for the infidels.We will know soon.How much food we have left?If it goes this way, and the attack proceeds, it will be hard as far as we’re concerned my Bey.Inshallah our armywill come soon.None will leave here alive.We need to save General.What’s going on Alparslan?The horse tracks on the ground end here.It is clear that they went to the forest.You will kick the bucket, General.Watch out for the General.

Episode 139


However, this woods doesn’t lead anywhere.

Be cautious.Wait for my mark.Let them come a little closer.Wait for my mark.Take cover.Damn it.Shield wall!Come on!- Come on!Avar. Safeguard the General.Get down! Get down!Shoot!Get down.Get down!Attack!Come on men!Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 139 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Tell me Treasurer… … what did Emir Bozan take from the depository… … for the exchange with the Byzantine.Emir Bozan took 5 thousand dinars from the depository… … isolated into two separate chests, My Sultan.To gain somebody’s trust is intense… … and to lose it is too easy.Seeing that you never again have confidence in me… … is so painful.Great Natik, they realize that two chests of gold is taken for the trade.

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