Barbarosa Season 1

Barbarossa Episode 29 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 29

Barbarossa Episode 29 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

No doubt, in the event that Aygül sees you, even I can’t save you. I want to believe that you left me as well. He likewise shares his bread with me. Is it true that you are exceptionally eager huh? Where could your folks be? I say don’t eat, did you swallow your tongue insane kid? Halal halal. Come on then, at that point, open your mouth. Come on, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming… But first, the basmala. – Bismillah. Bravo! God help us, we will eat from this, from this, from this. Horsemen are coming. Horsemen are coming . Mashallah to you! We will sink our spoon with the right hand and eat with the right hand. We will eat with this hand, mashallah! Mashallah my fearless mentor! Barbarossa Episode 29 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Aygül Hatun was astounded by this fearless tent.

He needed to come to us, yet he doesn’t let out the slightest peep, he snickers. What are you crying insane young lady? None. Mother! My Kayi is Cerkutay. Apricot? Kayi child? Child Kayi, Kayi child! Hello mashallah my bold! You’ve turned into a major man, Kayi! Welcome Kay! Welcome Kay. Michael Kosses. Aya Nikola. – My dear companion. It’s been quite a while, a ton. It worked out, Nikola, I wish this gathering had not been for such a subject. That’s What was, Nikola? Barbarossa Episode 29 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Osman. In the event that the Tekfur of Inhisar, Mateus, had helped us while we were battling Osman, maybe today couldn’t have ever occurred. Isn’t it? – Certainly. All in all, you shouldn’t hang tight for it to leap to you to engage in the conflict before the entryway .

Episode 29 Part 1

In any case, so tell my companion, how could we at any point help you?

Osman sent his man to the pen. He’s driving me to an arrangement. You resemble a boat with the breeze behind it. I will be the stone you hit, Osman. You should uphold me with the goal that I can remain against Osman. Right away. I will quickly put a group of my most recognized fighters at your order. I see Osman won’t stop, Nikola. Perhaps in the event that we don’t join presently, no divider will actually want to stop him in the future. Osman will overlook the arrangement and walk to Inhisar first. Then, at that point, to Inegöl. Tomorrow we will be at your palace with Nikola, obviously Turgut will accompany us. Is it Turgut?

Assuming your overall Emperor Andro Nikos

my overall Emperor Andro Nikos hears what important data you have brought us. We realize that overcoming Artalos Inegöl isn’t to the point of taking Inhisar. However, who will supplant the valuable Rogatus? Who do you suppose will take the side of the new tekfur who will come to Bilecik?Barbarossa Episode 29 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed  A couple of names are being discussed, Turgut Bey, when it is sure, I will send it to Osman with a compass. You will bring the data. What’s more, I’ll stack up the officers all around the Alps. Kosses and Turgut Bey will likewise accompany me. Evvel Inhisar. Inegol. Bilecik. Iznik and… Bursa. Youngsters will develop. Beliefs will prosper. The opportunity will come for this country, which is associated with a fantasy framework and the reason for the world. He will vanquish Constantinople and make his home there.

Episode 29 Part 2

Generally oil. Jerk! Help to Nikola will utilize along these lines.

Removing the stockpile will break Inegöl’s power. Educate me concerning Bursa. Bursa, which you needed to be the capital city of your state. In any event, obstructing the stockpile line, which is so challenging to get through the dividers, requires years. It takes care of from numerous towns. His abundance is identical to a hundred perhaps 1,000 willows. That is the reason we need it. Definitely it will be our home. Yet, has the opportunity. Whenever we take Inhisar, we will have removed all guide from the east. All that remains is to be wary and careful of the individuals who will come from the West.

Trust us, Turks are that way. We will do likewise.

We will utilize it. Allow it to come. However, the obligation has a place with both of you. I’m hanging tight for you tomorrow. I’m appreciative. – Tekfur Mateus. For vengeance huh Kosses. You are after new coalitions for vengeance… Well, how would it be advisable for us we respond, retribution is this way. The vengeance that made me a companion of Osman to obliterate you additionally gets up to annihilate Osman and becomes friends with Turgut. Young lady would you say you are alright?Barbarossa Episode 29 With Urdu Hindi DubbedHe has been harmed, the mother has been harmed! Zehra. Zehra? My girl! Sticker! Come on Bismillah, how about we take it out! Take out stickers, young lady! Come on young lady. No. O explorer! Where could the street be? It’s a red apple! Have you seen Kosses’ energy, ace?

You won’t go to Kosses’ greeting, Nikola.

Well and however why? You resemble a leaf blowing in the breeze. You quickly submerge yourself in the stream. Kosses was with Osman until yesterday. My trust can’t be acquired with such ease and rapidly. As you wish, ace. Remember that on the off chance that the Turk isn’t in a tough situation, the Turk will be in a difficult situation. We are here to inconvenience them. Indeed, ace, what will our ongoing move be? Barkin. Barkın ought to lead the clans. Then I will amaze Osman. I won’t make him long for victory. In his letter, Nicholas asked the sovereign for warriors around Yenişehir. He discusses the warriors coming from Sultan Mesut. He needs to adjust the terms. Another?

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