Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 143 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 143 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 143 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed But, in my tore … … there is no mercy for theoppressors!Run! Snappily! To the Vizier’sroom!My Bey! Let us killthem!Alps! Do n’t kill your sisters!Never!My Bey, we do n’t kill our sisters but they do n’t stop coming indeed with our beating wegiving!I ’m glad that our Bey’s moveworked.Or, we ’d be overrun withsoldiers.Even this makes our work hard further thanenough!MyBey!Osman will make the bones who did this pay,mother!He’s giving them what they earn now in theinn.He’s giving them what they earn now in the auberge. Look, there’s one better thanme.MashAllah.You’re on our side for now, but if you stand against us in the future, you’ll see what happensthen.

Episode 143

Eyvallah.Kutan, Serhan, come on stalwart bones, tie the dogfaces up.

As you command my Bey. Osman Bey, why are n’t you killing us?I would noway kill Turk dogfaces that are tricked by a snake to believe that they’re fighting for the state. My problem is with the Viziers that have erred far from the path of the Haqq. That Vizier betrays the Sultan, you’ll see that too. But …. for now, your lives are under our care. But I want you to stay put.Eyvallah Osman Bey.Stayput.CerkutayWe wo n’t kill you, but do n’t suppose that we wo n’t beat you. We wo n’t kill you, but do n’t suppose that we wo n’t beat you. We’ll leave before daylight. But first, I’ll take care of Vizier Alemsah. If we can not leave … … you know what todo.My Bey, the vizier isgone.What are yosaying appsps! Stay withtsoldierier!You escaped like a snake, huh!

He would n’t jump down when he was wounded, right?

If he had, we’d be looking at his cadaver now. I know the crack I caused! Why is n’t he dead also? That sissy Vizier!He must have worn armor under hisclothes.So he’s being conservative, huh?-Baysungur!-MyBey.Se bow around the auberge fortraces.-Cerkutay!-My Bey. Search every corner! Comeon!Come on! Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 143 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed No miscalculations! This time, there wo n’t be anymistakes!None!Didn’t the Tekfur sleep?Sleep, Julia?My castle was given to that idiot Gunduz. Two old men are giving me orders. And you ’re talking aboutsleep.However, also I would sleep, If I was anidiot.And that’s amaybe.I allowed your alliance with the Vizier made you happy. When the Vizier demanded me, I was.But Geyhatu’s appearance changed everyth, ing Julia.

The offer those two old men presented me sounded like an occasion … … but the devil Geyhatu … … is involved in this. I’ve to have eyes on the reverse of my head. Or differently myback.My back … … would turn into a target board, Julia.$ 6 * *‘Geyhatu … You feel to know h well TekfurNikola.Hepinizi gebertsem … If I kill you all … If I kill you all … B0tun

Okay, let’s find him. Come on.

Hey,Turgut!VizierAlemsah!You ca n’t indeed die with your honor intact.You just run down like a rat.But I ’ll find you no matter where youThego.Alps!Leave no gravestone unturned. He must have left a tracebehind.My Bey! There’s no trace of him outdoors. But Geyhatu … Geyhatu is blockading theinn.What are you talking about?! Damn it! What’s Geyhatu doing then? This isn’t good, Osman Bey. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 143 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed
Still, he’d have handled Vizier by now, If Osman’s planworked.But if his move in the graveyard does n’t work … … the auberge will be full ofsoldiers.Then, we ’ll go and take OsmanBey.Let’s delay for the newsfirst.Mother.Mother.Mother, you’re fine, thankAllah.Mother, you’re fine, thankAllah.

Mother, you’re fine. Thank Allah.

Thank Allah, I’m fine. Osman? Is there any news from Osman? We ’ll admit good news InshAllah, mama. Selcan Hatun, you’re fine, thank God. Selcan Hatun, you’re fine, thank God. She’s forfeiture. She’s fine.My mama is a strong woman. She’s Selcan Hatun!The good news will come soonInshAllah.The good news will come soonInshAllah.InshAllah.Get relieve of them now … … so we can handle Vizier. My Bey! They must be the last dogfaces in Sogut! Osman wo n’t stay put, we need to be careful. You’ll prepare a secure room within this room. A sanctum behind the wall, with everything necessary inside.It wo n’t warrantanything.As you command VizierHadrath.CerkutayMy Bey.Tie themup!As you command myBey.As you command my Bey. Come on! Come on! You fight well Kisses!

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